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Better Hate than Never Information

Book Name:Better Hate than Never
Author:Chloe Liese
SeriesThe Wilmot Sisters #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Although Katerina Wilmot and Christopher Petruchio played in the same backyard as kids, they will never be on the same continent again. Their hatred for one another had died down, but when Kate made a rare visit home, it was reignited.

Christopher is sceptical that Kate would voluntarily put out the fire of their animosity, despite the pleading of their friends and family. However, Christopher decides to make peace with Kate for good after a drunken Kate explains that she has only been hostile because she thought he despised her. Kate isn’t sure if she can trust her enemy-turned-gentleman, no matter how attractive he may seem.

Because of Christopher’s doggedness and Kate’s inquisitiveness, they eventually share an intense kiss that makes them both realise “peace” is the furthest thing from their reach. Kate and Christopher must determine if it’s better to hate than to never risk their hearts as their attraction develops, or if they’ve already given them away.

About The Author Chloe Liese

Chloe’s conviction that everyone merits a happy ending inspires her romantic fiction. Her stories are full of passion, humour, and neurodiversity, reflecting the author herself. Chloe enjoys spending time with her family and two mischievous kitties when she’s not plotting her next novel or playing football.

Better Hate than Never Book Summary

The target audience for Better Hate Than Never includes fans of both classic literature and classic rom-coms from the 1990s. Chloe Liese perfects her craft in this homage to 10 Things I Hate About You and other retellings of The Taming of the Shrew by giving her characters depth and humanity and giving them the respect and care they deserve.

Katerina (Kate) Wilmot and her childhood next-door neighbour Christopher Petruchio struggle to reconcile their hostility in the second installment of the Wilmot Sisters. When the truce gives way to something deeper and more tender, however, the two will have to work together to finally stop their quarrel and weigh whether or not it’s worth it to up their control and give in to love.

Chloe Liese is performing at the highest level. She’s great at giving her characters their own voice and giving them genuine problems, all while sticking to her fundamental premise that people of all backgrounds and skills should be the protagonists of their own love stories. Because I, too, have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), I understood Katerina’s challenges and appreciated that they were seen as natural to her rather than something to be fixed.

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I had high hopes that Lies second novel with her traditional publisher, Two Wrongs Make A Right, would completely engross me like the Bergman Brother trilogy had done. Even though there were parts of the novel that dragged (like the sex scene that took up over 5% of the book and had a lot of internal discussion), I was pleasantly pleased by how much I enjoyed reading it. I like how Liese doesn’t have her characters split up in the third act because of misunderstandings; instead, they work through their problems by talking to each other and learning to trust one another.

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