As If I Wouldn’t Fall (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online

As If I Wouldn’t Fall (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online for free.

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Book Name:As If I Wouldn’t Fall
Author:Jessa Kane
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Since freshman year, Flynt Porter has followed me around like a shadow; nonetheless, despite his overprotectiveness, we have never spoken a word. Up until this point, that is. We’re both in our golden years, and I had to take my mom’s car to Flynt, a side hustle mechanic. I’m willing to pay whatever it takes to get the car fixed, but all he says is to keep my distance. Unfortunately, I lose all self-control the moment he touches me.

I want…everything from Ayla. Now. I’d like to make her my wife. for the purpose of bearing my child. But as someone who grew up in a dysfunctional family, I can attest to the fact that a teenage pregnancy can be disastrous for a young couple. That won’t happen to my Ayla. I had resisted the urge to eat for four years, but now she is hungry as well and my resolve is waning.

As If I Wouldn’t Fall Book Summary

Classic Ugh, Jessa Kane. I’ve learned to brace myself for the unexpected.

Since their freshman year, when Flynt first saw Alya, he had been hopelessly smitten with her. Ever since then, he’s been following in her footsteps. Alya is so scary that nobody wants to talk to him. I enjoyed that Alya was an instigator and would even lie about BC, and I had to confess that the sex was good as hell. But it seems that doesn’t matter to Flynt, who has supposedly been eager to permanently impregnate her.

There is a lot of friction in the breeding process. There was also the fact that Flynt was excessively possessive and jealous. I didn’t appreciate the demonstration in front of the cops and my chemistry class. The youngsters just did not.give.a.damn. But the “Daddy talk” did make me smile. The thought kept popping into my thoughts, “Man, you two are the same age.” “Why are you doing this?” called daddy?” I liked how the story ended, and how even after five kids, they still need each other desperately and bang so often that the neighbours are used to hearing them.

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