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Culpa mía Information

Book Name:Culpa mía/My Fault
Author:Mercedes Ron
SeriesCulpables #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size2.03MB
ePub Size 494KB
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Nicholas Leister was created to add meaning to life. High, blue eyes, dark hair like night… Suena genial, right? But not when you learn that he will be your brother and that he also embodies everything you have been thinking since you acquired reason.

Fear was the first thing that hit me when I learned that she is hiding a second life from her multimillionaire father.

How did I wind up falling out of their radar? It’s simple: with those eyes, you can raise your world above you.

About The Author Mercedes Ron

Young Argentine author Mercedes Ron has achieved success on Wattpad, where she has amassed more than 321k followers. Currently resides in Spain and attends the University of Seville to study audiovisual communication. His dream is to write and sing. The initial performer already did it. More than 40 million people have read his trilogy Culpables on Wattpad.

Culpa mía Book Summary

I read the entire Culpables trilogy in four days, starting with the first book, Culpa Ma. It’s a book that captures your attention from the very first page and keeps you turning the pages. Although the story’s narrative is a stepbrothers cliché, it is nevertheless a somewhat unique one. Whether they are negative or pleasant, it will cause you to experience a wave of emotions. Even though there are a few spelling errors, it is still effectively written. This book is for you if you want something to read quickly because it is simple to read. You can read the entire trilogy or only the first book.

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