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Yogi Prahlad Jani

Prahlad Jani
Prahlad Jani
BornPrahlad Jani
13 August 1929
Charada, British India
Died26 May 2020
Charada, Mehsana districtGujarat, India
Death Age90 Years
Resting placeAmbaji, Gujarat, India
Known forInedia
Other namesChunriwala Mataji

Prahlad Jani, commonly known as Mataji or Chunriwala Mataji, was a breatharian monk from India who claimed to have gone without food and drink since 1940. He claimed that the goddess Amba kept him alive. The results of the investigations on him, on the other hand, have been kept secret and viewed with distrust. He appeared in the media and in public on multiple occasions.

Life of Prahlad Jani

Jani claims that he left his house in Gujarat when he was seven years old and went to live in the bush.

Jani had a spiritual encounter at the age of 12 and became a devotee of the Hindu deity Amba. He began dressing like a female follower of Amba from that point forward, donning a red sari-like gown, jewellery, and crimson flowers in his shoulder-length hair. [requires citation] Mataji was Jani’s given name (“[a manifestation of] The Great Mother”). Jani claimed that the Goddess gave him with water that flowed down through a hole in his palate, allowing him to go days without eating or drinking.

Jani had been a recluse in a cave in Gujarat’s wilderness since the 1970s. He died on May 26, 2020, at his hometown of Charada. On May 28, 2020, he was given samadhi in his ashram at Gabbar Hill in Ambaji.

Prahlad Jani Cause of Death

The monk, who said to have gone through eight decades without eating or drinking, died early on Tuesday due to sickness. Prahlad Jani, also known as Chunriwale Mataji, was a 91-year-old devotee. Jani’s death was confirmed by Dharmendra Panchal, a sevak with Jani.

Prahlad Jani Truth

Jani has been the subject of two observational studies and one imaging research. Dr. Sudhir Shah, a neurologist at the Sterling Hospitals in Ahmedabad, India, conducted two observational studies in 2003 and 2010, all of which involved patients claiming to have exceptional abilities, including other fasters like Hira Ratan Manek. Despite the fact that neither study was submitted to a scholarly journal, the scientists validated Jani’s capacity to stay healthily without food and water over the testing periods in both occasions. When asked about the study’s findings six days into the 2010 experiment, a DRDO spokeswoman said they would be “secret” until the conclusions were known. Uninvolved doctors and other opponents have questioned the research’ authenticity, claiming that while people can survive for days without food or drink, they cannot survive for years, especially when glucose, a substrate essential for brain function, is not provided.

Investigation of his Supernatural Abilities

There have been several tests on Yogi Prahlad Jani to prove whatever the Yogi Claims.

Prahlad Jani Test in 2003

Dr. Sudhir Shah and other doctors at Sterling Hospitals in Ahmedabad, India, monitored Jani for ten days in 2003. He was confined to a room with a locked door. During the observation, he passed no urine or stool, although pee appeared to form in the bladder, according to the doctors. Jani was physically normal, according to a hospital representative, but she did have a hole in her palate, which was an atypical condition. The fact that Jani’s weight had slightly decreased.

2010 Test

Dr Sudhir Shah and a team of 35 researchers from the Indian Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), as well as other institutions, observed and tested Prahlad Jani from April 22 to May 6, 2010. The findings of the observations could “tremendously assist mankind,” as well as “soldiers, victims of tragedies, and astronauts,” all of whom may have to endure for lengthy periods of time without food or drink, according to DIPAS’ director. The exams were carried out at Sterling Hospitals once more. The team was “intrigued” by Jani’s kriyas, which appear to allow him to control his body’s physiological functioning, according to Professor Anil Gupta of SRISTI, who was involved in monitoring the testing.

Jani was subjected to daily clinical checks, blood tests, and scans by the team. Multiple CCTV cameras and personal observation were apparently used to conduct round-the-clock surveillance. Jani was moved out of the sealed chamber for testing and exposure to the sun while being continuously video recorded, according to the researchers.

Jani’s medical tests were all normal after fifteen days of monitoring during which he apparently did not eat, drink, or go to the bathroom. Despite the fact that the volume of liquid in Jani’s bladder changed and he appeared “able to generate urine in his bladder,” the physicians claimed that he did not pass urine. DRDO researchers hypothesised that Jani was displaying an extreme kind of adaptation to fasting and water restriction based on her reported levels of leptin and ghrelin, two appetite-related hormones. In 2010, DIPAS announced that more research would be conducted, including inquiries into how metabolic waste is cleared from Jani’s body, where he receives his energy, and how he maintains his hydration condition.

2017 Brain Study

In 2017, an imaging study was conducted by a team from IIT Madras, independent of DRDO studies. Jani’s brain pictures were obtained, and the size of the Pineal and Pituitary glands were measured. The MRI study revealed that Jani’s Pineal and Pituitary glands are similar in size to that of a 10-year-old boy. The findings of the study have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

How Prahlad Jani Lived Without Food and Water?

The observation results were criticised as “impossible” by Dr. Michael Van Rooyen, head of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, who noted that the bodies of extremely malnourished people quickly devour their own body’s resources, resulting in renal/liver failure, tachycardia, and cardiac strain. According to an American Dietetic Association spokesman, “In the end, even fasting for longer than a day can be detrimental. You can’t function without food.” Peter Clifton, a nutrition researcher, disagreed with the study’s findings, accused the researchers of “cheating” by enabling Jani to gargle and bathe, claiming that a human of average weight would die after “15 to 20 days” without water. People who abstain from food and water in order to imitate mystical figures frequently die. Sanal Edamaruku called the experiment a farce because Jani was able to welcome devotees and leave the sealed test room for sunbathing, despite the fact that video footage indicated Jani was allowed to walk out of the CCTV cameras’ field of view. The gargling and bathing practises, according to Edamaruku, were also not well observed. Despite being invited to join the test during a live television broadcast, Edamaruku was denied access to the site where the tests were conducted in both 2003 and 2010, and accuses Jani of having “influential protectors” responsible for denying him permission to inspect the project during its operation. Individuals making similar claims in the past have been revealed as frauds, according to the Indian Rationalist Association. James Randi, a well-known scientific sceptic, challenged the Indian government’s investigations in 2010, alleging insufficient scrutiny of the matter. He also offered that Prahlad Jani get the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge award if he could substantiate his claims.

Dr. Shah said in September 2010 that scientists from Austria and Germany had offered to visit India to conduct additional research on Jani, as well as scientists from the United States. Jani has expressed an interest in working with investigators in the future.

In the Words of Prahlad Jani

According to Prahlad Jani, the Goddess endowed him with water that flowed down through a hole in his palate, allowing him to go without food or drink for an extended period of time.

Is Prahlad Jani Still alive?

No, Prahlad jani is already died in 26 May 2020 Charada, Mehsana district, Gujarat, India.

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