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Book Name:Clueless Puckboy
Author:Eden Finley
SeriesPuckboys #5
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.32 MB
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It hurts hard enough that I strained my groyne. It threatens not only my hockey career and future, but also my honour. It’s embarrassing to have to submit to massages from one of the team trainers, Vance Landon, in that spot. My feelings for him are too obvious to conceal. My body language and embarrassing blushing should be dead giveaways. Hockey has gotten to the point where I question whether it’s still worth the humiliation it causes.

If I try to avoid him, he becomes more determined to track me down. All I want him to do is leave me alone, but he’s desperate to help me recover from my injury. or give in to me. It’s either/or.


Ayri Quinn isn’t your stereotypical athlete, and he certainly doesn’t cry foul when he’s hurt. I’ve seen too many professional athletes have to give up their dreams because of an injury. That is especially not the case when this person is the kindest, most awkward, naive jock I have ever encountered.

When Quinn sustains a setback from an earlier injury while out with friends, I devise a treatment plan that requires me to stay physically involved. Unfortunately, being in close quarters with him at work brings to the surface all the sensations I’ve been trying to suppress. The sooner I can get him healthy, the sooner he can stop sleeping in my bed and start skating again. Inhale, exhale: my massage bed. If this keeps up, I may start referring to my actual bed. You can’t say no to Ayri Quinn.

About The Author Eden Finley

Contemporary romances written by Eden Finley, which are typically humorous and cheerful, are among the most popular books sold on Amazon.

For her, writing is a way to escape reality, and she hopes that her readers will feel the same way.

She also clarifies that she is originally from Australia and extends her apologies to anyone who may be confused by her accent or the slang she employs.

Clueless Puck Boy Book Summary

In the fifth installment of the Puckboys series, “Clueless Puckboy,” we learn more about Ayri, the most reserved member of the Queer Collective. And how come he has no idea? Because he can’t control himself and becomes a babbling idiot when he sees the object of his affection. His love interest is one of the team trainers, Vance, who is blissfully unaware of Ayri’s feelings for him and can only observe that massage sessions are unpleasant due to Ayri’s eager reaction.

The plot is lovely and uncomplicated. The most effective pick-me-up available.

If this is the first book I don’t enjoy by these authors, why did I expect it to be any different?
I found the beginning to be quite irritating and nasty. Sweet and humorous as Ayri’s awkwardness was, I just couldn’t support his intense crush. From what I could see, he and Vance don’t know each other very well outside of training, so I couldn’t fathom why he felt so strongly about him. I have a personal aversion to developing a crush on someone just on the basis of their physical attributes.
The first part of the novel focuses on their interactions based on this superficial attraction, but I didn’t feel anything between them.
The second half of the novel is much more open in its depiction of genuine emotion. Their relationship is explored at more length, adding a pleasant depth to the story.

The Queer Collective and the rest of the guys arriving up and being idiots as usual is the finest part of this series. It warms the heart and is hilarious.

And on a lighter note, the book comes to a funny conclusion with Vance and Ayri. I laughed so hard that I felt like I was going to wet my pants.

No one else comes to me that I would stage a fight with only to make them feel better.

Another thing I’ve started to notice in books by Eden and Saxon is a general lack of character description. What I’ve seen is that the relationship between the two main characters is given more attention than the characters themselves. In my perspective, this makes the characters seem less three-dimensional.

As is customary for this series, the book was a good time all around. I liked it a lot, but it won’t be my all-time favourite.

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