Caught by the Convicts (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online

Caught by the Convicts (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online for free.

Caught by the Convicts Information

Book Name:Caught by the Convicts
Author:Jessa Kane
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There’s been a jail break, and Wendy is in the thick of it, surrounded by armed inmates who aren’t used to seeing women for a long time. She will soon become a hostage. But who exactly? Wendy discovers, much to her amazement, that she actually enjoys being captured—so long as it’s Klay and Ruger doing the trapping. That’s to the good. Simply put, they won’t release her.

About The Author Jessa Kane

New Favourite Purveyor of Indecency and Romance Novelist.

Caught by the Convicts Book Summary

I read this more than a month ago, but I never got around to posting my thoughts. I stopped caring about providing context for my negative reviews of sexy psycho novels after reviewing Satan’s Affair by H.D. Carlton, which was crap. And now, the verdict:

This was the first time I’d ever tried Jessa Kane. Many of my Goodreads friends have read her, and they all say the same thing: they don’t love her books, but they keep reading them anyhow. Okay, I get it now. I find her writing to be dull and uninspiring. Rounding up to 2 stars, this book deserves 1.75. Since I felt like I was in a prison throughout my quarantine, I read a couple series set in jail. Eventually, though, heroes like Ruger and Klay do manage to “Shawshank” their way out of sticky situations. The manner in which the passion blossomed and unfolded was hasty and unseemly. The summary reveals that after a jail break, security is tightened across the facility. She is being held captive in a cell with two male detainees who have not been exposed to a female for a very long time. They are naturally attracted to the idea of fucking their “treasure” and then each other.

Getting deeper into the personalities of the protagonists.

Wendy, our hero. Aside from her past trauma caused by the man she was visiting during the jail breakout, she has no real characterization. Her dad. I know that Dad was a jerk, but why did he even bother showing up? It was beyond my comprehension. If his story is to be believed, he is now lounging on a Mexican beach. Sorry, I strayed. She longed to visit her father in prison. Awful timing, to say the least. She’s a virgin, and she reads like a pro.

No. 1 klay hero. Even though he has the most powerful personality in the group, he ranks last. He and Ruger have been buddies for many years. I just couldn’t bring myself to forgive him. There are serious consent issues here, and while I understand that sh*t was bound to hit the fan and Wendy was bound to get raped, it’s not okay to recast someone as her hero when she should never have been raped in the first place. In addition, the circumstances surrounding Klay’s incarceration are convoluted. Widow-banging and other shenanigans.

The second saviour armed with a Ruger. He stands watch as the unmoved protector. The cherry on top of an otherwise disappointing M/M love story. The consent difficulties have been resolved now that Wendy is out of the picture. And it’s obvious that Klay and Ruger are far more in love than Wendy and her husband. As stated in the conclusion, I believe her only function was that of a breeder. I believe they were lusting after her, but at that moment it would have been better to be frank with each other than to form an unstable trio. To Ruger once more. The naive young man with an overly large c*ck. Because of this character, many of the sexual encounters seemed completely unrealistic. (I realise the repetition, but it bears repeating.)

Jessa Kane is down by one strike. If I get three strikes, I’m out of here. But I won’t be racing out to read another book by her any time soon. This was incredible…

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