Bulky (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online

Bulky (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Bulky
Author:Jessa Kane
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Gunner Kraft has been my one true love ever since I became best friends with his son in middle school. I’m eighteen and I still have a massive crush on the rich finance guru. I’m like the forbidden fruit to him. Not appropriate for a man of 45 years of age. But I know just how to prove to him that I’ve matured over the years. Think of the potential we have as a pair. It’s never been easier to give in to temptation…

Bulky Book Summary

In case you missed the memo, this involves a very large age difference, the best friend’s father, and a healthy helping of daddy-kink. Sexy and sleazy banter have reached a boiling point. If I ever had a rusty halo above my head, it has disappeared.

I sulk and mutter, “Mister Kraft,” tracing my finger wistfully over the archway wall. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t you ever stop working?” He answers, “No,” in a flat, unconvincing tone. To Josie: “Hello. Inquiring, “How are you?” The old adage says something like, “Better now that you’re here.” I go over to where he is firmly propped up on the counter with one hip on the neighbouring storage container. I feel safer knowing that you are around.

Josie, now 18 years old, has had a crush on the father of her best friend for many years. She does everything she can think of to catch his attention, but he just keeps ignoring her.

While Gunner’s barrel chest heaves more and faster, I slowly approach him and stuff the pants into his pocket. While running my middle finger gently down the rigid spike of his erection and whispering, “I can be your secret, Papa,” I smile. Consider this.
As he yanks my skirt back into place and rasps, “It’s not happening, Josie,” he has had enough. “Go.”’

Gunner Kraft, 45, is a workaholic who has been divorced. Josie is in luck since he has feelings for her, but Gunner is out of luck because he is much larger, heavier, and older than Josie.

Despite their age difference and distinct personalities, Josie and Gunner quickly fell in love with one another. With an offer in hand, she approaches him and asks him to be her sugar daddy. This proposal is motivated by her love for Gunner and a desire to solve a financial problem. Gunner is a tough love kind of guy. Both his doubts and assurances were entertaining to me. Josie and Gunner can have a happy ending even though many of the story’s elements have no basis in reality because it’s fiction.

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