Dad’s Best Friend (PDF/ePUB) By Ali Parker Read Online

Dad’s Best Friend (PDF/ePUB) By Ali Parker Read Online for free.

Dad’s Best Friend Information

Book Name:Dad’s Best Friend
Author:Ali Parker
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I adhere strictly to two guidelines.

Don’t steal, and don’t lie about stealing.

Very elementary.

Until her father begs her to come into my life, that is.

He pleaded with me to hire her, not sexually assault her.

However, that is my sole objective.

My physique was meant for hers.

I’ll make her work hard for it.

But I shouldn’t touch her because she isn’t mine.

Taking into account the age gap in particular—

Plus, she’s the daughter of my best buddy.

She has turned me into a liar.

I’ve never been happier about breaking my own rules.

We’ll have to deal with the fallout eventually.


About The Author Ali Parker

Ali Parker has published over 120 novels in the contemporary and new adult romance genres. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, a fantastic film, and quality time with her husband. If you ask her, “hanging out” implies “making out.” That guy is hot. Hello.
She has more ideas than one person should have access to because she is a creative at heart. She has two cherished grandchildren and a husband, son, and two adult daughters who all call Tennessee home. All she cares about is telling a nice narrative that makes us feel better about ourselves, brings back memories of the good things in life, and provides a welcome break from reality.

Dad’s Best Friend Book Summary

In the first scene of Dad’s Best Friend, the protagonist, Max the MMC, is a successful accountant who agrees to let his former coach and long-time friend and mentor’s daughter, Judy, work with him for the summer in exchange for some advice. When Max first meets Judy, he is a workaholic who has given up on the concept of having a relationship. Judy is the perfect complement to Max; she is attractive, intelligent, and dedicated. After initially resisting their desire, the plot focuses on how they manage to keep their connection hidden from everyone at work and from Judy’s father.

The age difference, dad’s friend, and workplace romance all make appearances in this story. All of the characters were great, but I especially liked Jax, Max’s twin brother, and I hope to learn more about him in future books.

Negatives: I felt like Judy’s father’s reaction to the relationship should have been more of a driving plot point rather than an afterthought after all the attention it was given. Like you, I had trouble picturing this person being called Judy. It had the air of someone in their 50s, which is to say, it was quite dated. And while I get why they’d want to highlight the age difference, I thought terms like “old man” and statements like that made Max come out as much older than they actually were (11 years vs. 30).

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In sum, I appreciated the humour in this book. This was my first book by the author, but I look forward to reading more of her work.

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