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Book Name:Between Commitment and Betrayal
Series Hardy Billionaire Brothers #1
Author:Shain Rose
File Type:PDF/ePub
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If it meant saving the firm that they had built together, the business partner of my father would marry me.

My life could not be more dissimilar to that of Declan Hardy, an ex-football player who went on to become a billionaire and an All-American darling.
When it comes to contributing to a team, I think of myself as being more of a team player than he does.

Your persona, in contrast to mine, is characterised by an abundance of spontaneity.
Not able to maintain a low profile.
The only thing that links us together is the fact that both of our names are contained in the will that was written by my father.

While he will inherit the health and hospitality dynasty, I will be able to keep the one person I have ever truly loved.
In the event that I end up marrying him, but only if certain conditions are met first.

after putting on the charade of being married for an entire year.
They’ve been a couple for the entire calendar year.
I’ve spent the past year trying to fool him into thinking that I was one of his affluent buddies.

On the other hand, the circumstances are rarely so cut and dry.
Particularly when I return his kisses with one of my own, despite the fact that we are both aware that it is a phoney kiss.
There appears to be a thin line separating loyalty and betrayal, and as more circumstances come to light, we are unable to determine exactly where that line is located.
In Between Commitment and Betrayal, there is a billionaire, a forced marriage of proximity, a fake marriage of convenience, and a business partner of the protagonist’s father. All of these things are interconnected. It is the only work that Shain Rose has produced and may be read on its own.

About Shain Rose Author

Shain Rose is a novelist who writes books in the contemporary romance genre as well as the new adult genre. She battles for the one she loves, phrase by phrase, word by word. There are moments when it can be difficult to navigate your way to a pleasant conclusion.

While she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes Doc G, Liv, and Gray Gray, as well as the family’s renegade golden retriever. She and Doc G act like they’ve been married for decades, but they still argue about everything from excessive caffeine consumption to sweet foods.

It’s a wonderful life when the kids can get along with each other.

If she isn’t spending time with loved ones or working on a project, it’s likely that she is calling them. If you call her and she doesn’t answer, she’s probably reading or watching some mindless drivel on television.

Synopsis of the Book Between Commitment and Betrayal

The reader is immediately drawn into the most recent work of fiction by Shain Rose, which is about an unhappy marriage that was arranged for practical reasons. Both Everly and Declan need to ensure that the wishes outlined in Everly’s father’s will are carried out in order for their separate family companies to remain in the family.

They come to an agreement on the terms, but the tensions that have been building up continue to intensify as more of the will is read and as their connection grows. Especially the parts with Cade and Izzy, this book had me completely engrossed, and I didn’t want to put it down until I had finished reading it. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. I would recommend this book and author to anyone who likes reading stories with strong female protagonists and alpha males who are willing to give up everything for their partners. Both the author and the book are excellent. Holding one’s breath in anticipation of the next Hardy Brothers mystery to be solved!

Everly and Declan are forced to enter into a marriage of convenience for a period of one year despite the fact that they dislike one another very much. This is done so that Declan can keep his companies and Everly can keep something that is very important to her. Once they get married, they will be required to live together, and it will be impossible to ignore the tension that develops between them as a result of this circumstance.

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