Once Upon a Broken Heart (PDF/ePUB) By Stephanie Garber

Once Upon a Broken Heart (PDF/ePUB) By Stephanie Garber read online for free.

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Book Name:Once Upon a Broken Heart
Author:Stephanie Garber
SeriesOnce Upon a Broken Heart #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Throughout her recollection, Evangeline Fox has maintained a steadfast belief in the existence of genuine love and favourable outcomes. However, her conviction is shattered upon discovering that the individual she considers her soulmate intends to enter into matrimony with another individual.

In an effort to prevent the wedding and mend her emotionally injured heart, Evangeline enters into a pact with the alluring yet malevolent Prince of Hearts. As a condition for his assistance, he requests three instances of physical affection, specifically kisses, to be administered at a time and location determined by him.

However, subsequent to Evangeline’s initial pledged kiss, she becomes aware that engaging in negotiations with an eternal entity carries significant risks, particularly since the Prince of Hearts demands a greater extent of commitment from her than she had originally agreed upon. The individual in question have intentions for Evangeline that may culminate in either an exceptionally joyful conclusion or a profoundly tragic outcome.

About The Author Stephanie Garber

Additionally, my presence may be observed on the social media platform Instagram, where I derive great pleasure from engaging with those who have an interest in my work. For anybody seeking additional information regarding my literary works, the most current and relevant updates can be accessed via Instagram. However, I make diligent efforts to consistently update my website as well.

Once Upon a Broken Heart Book Summary

It is posited that a broader range of outcomes exists beyond the dichotomy of “happily ever after” or tragedy. Each narrative possesses the capacity for an unlimited number of conclusions.

The literary work in question was highly commendable. This young adult fantasy novel explores themes of love, grief, betrayal, and the sacrifices made in the name of love, resulting in a captivating and engaging narrative. The narrative of Once Upon a Broken Heart is around Evangeline, a young woman who has emotional distress due to a broken heart. In an attempt to reconcile with her beloved, she enters into a pact with Jacks, the Prince of Hearts. Evangeline’s realisation quickly dawns upon her that the agreement she entered into poses a greater level of peril than she had previously anticipated.

If it were within my power, I would bestow upon you the entirety of the world. The celestial bodies encompassing the moon, stars, and the multitude of suns dispersed throughout the cosmos. I am willing to do anything for you, my beloved.

From the very first page, I found myself immersed in this captivating realm. The narrative had a high level of intrigue, with a commendable execution of the tempo, albeit displaying a slight sluggishness during the initial stages. The literary work evoked a sense of resemblance to the story of Cinderella, and I greatly appreciated the incorporation of many fairy tales throughout the narrative. During my childhood, I derived great pleasure from engaging with fairy tales, with particular fondness for the narratives of Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. The literary work in question encompasses a plethora of captivating fantasy themes, such as the presence of magical forces, curses, royal figures in the form of princes and princesses, and the embodiment of the Fates.

The prose occasionally exhibited ornate language, although it effectively complemented the narrative, evoking a fairytale-like ambiance for the reader. The novel contained numerous unexpected narrative developments and surprising elements that engendered a sense of intrigue and heightened my desire for further engagement. A wide range of emotions were experienced during the reading of this book, including laughter, smiles, and tears.

The individual has a deep affinity with the character Evangeline, highlighting her admirable qualities of kindness, compassion, romanticism, and strength. However, it is acknowledged that Evangeline may exhibit moments of naivety. Initially, I encountered difficulties establishing a connection with the character Evangeline.

While I hold a belief in the concept of love, I have yet to experience it firsthand or undergo the emotional turmoil associated with a shattered romantic relationship. The portrayal of Evangeline’s character was commendable, as her journey towards self-discovery and resilience was a captivating aspect of the narrative. The individual in question exhibits relatability due to her acknowledgment of past errors and active efforts to rectify them.

I found Jacks to be an intriguing individual, with an enigmatic nature, striking physical appearance, unpredictable reliability, humorous disposition, aloof demeanour, and captivating charisma. I found it quite endearing to witness a more tender aspect of Jacks’ character, which afterwards deepened my affection for him. The exchange of humour between Jacks and Evangeline had exceptional quality. The level of sexual tension exhibited between the two characters was exceptionally high. Multiple scenes elicited laughter, smiles, and blushes from me. I found Jack’s chosen moniker for Evangeline endearing, as it evoked a sense of charm and elicited a positive emotional response from me.

A few Words by Author for this Book

There are many great individuals who have contributed to The Magnificent North by lending elements of their own magic to it.

Sarah Barley, I appreciate you so much for buying into this narrative from the first jumbled pitch that I sent you. I appreciate you finding the magic in me when I didn’t see it in myself and helping me bring it out. I appreciate you so much for your insatiable appetite for literature and your uncanny knack for finding errors in my writing before anybody else does.

My incredible agent Jenny Bent, you are much appreciated. My appreciation for you grows daily as we continue to collaborate. I appreciate you being the story’s first fan since it boosted my confidence just when it was waning. You have been a tremendous help with editing decisions and have been there for me through thick and thin. What my writing would be like without the unconditional love and support of my amazing family is unimaginable to me.

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