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Wren Beaumont is a multifaceted individual.



Everyone at Lancaster Prep has a soft spot in their hearts for her. Everyone aspires to be in her circle of friends. Only I have a complete understanding of Wren’s true nature.

A young woman who is so emotionally closed off and adept at concealing her feelings that it is nearly likely that she will crack under the strain. She has the arrogant belief that she is superior to everyone else.

every single one of us.

My fascination with her is completely inappropriate. I’m not really her cup of tea.

Unless the teacher forces us to collaborate on a project and we discover that we have more in common than we originally assumed, that is. I became completely engrossed with it very fast. I’m willing to try whatever in order to win this girl’s favour and have her fall in love with me.


About Monica Murphy

Bestseller on the lists of books that have sold the most copies that have been published by the New York Times and USA Today, in addition to other lists that have been published all over the world. someone who views the act of kissing favourably and has a positive attitude towards it. A fervent supporter of the idea that love possesses the power to change people.

Why Should You Take the Time to Read This Book?

There is nothing more comforting than a traditional boarding school romance filled with a plethora of wealthy students and a great deal of emotional turmoil to read when you’re feeling depressed about life.

I’m not sure if it was just me, but I found Wren to be a lot too naive and prudish when the novel first started off. Definitely. Was it necessary for me to make a concerted effort to get over the fact that I found her entire demeanour unpleasant in order to go on? Absolutely one hundred percent, but let me ask you this: do you know what? Definitely worth all of the hard work! At the beginning of the book, I had absolutely no interest in her at all; however, as the story progressed and she started behaving of her own free will and thinking for herself, I discovered that I was beginning to like her more and more.

To be perfectly clear, the reason that I enjoy this novel so much is because of Crew Lancaster. Whoa, take a look at that dude… Even now, my mind is blanking on the appropriate expressions. The manner in which he behaved towards her, specifically how respectful he was (for the most part), how immensely patient he was, etc. Because I had not anticipated it, his kindness came as a pleasant surprise to me. I had not been expecting it.

In addition, the conclusion was excellent; there was not a cliffhanger that made me feel as like I had no chance of survival, and for that, I will be eternally thankful. It was one of those climaxes where things continued to become better right up to the very end, as opposed to things going from doing well at the beginning to going poorly very fast.

Would you say that there wasn’t a single flaw in this book? No. Couldn’t it have been more condensed? Possibly. But was I interested enough to keep reading, did I find a book that quickly became one of my favourites, and was I hooked by the story? Definitely.

A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime Book Summary

A MILLION KISSES IN YOUR LIFETIME follows the tumultuous yet blossoming romance that develops between 18-year-old Crew Lancaster and Wren Beaumont. Crew is the protagonist of the novel, and Wren is the protagonist of the film (age 20). Because of his status as a “legacy,” Crew Lancaster feels a sense of ownership and authority over his school. Because of this, something about new student Wren Beaumont particularly irritates him. As Wren and Crew are compelled to work on a project together in the field of psychology, they are ultimately forced to acquire more personal information about one another, which ultimately helps to enhance their relationship. At Lancaster Prep, things are not going smoothly when it is found that a teacher has been inappropriately touching children. Wren and Crew are beginning to develop feelings for one another, but Wren’s overprotective father is threatening to put an end to their growing romance.

Despite the fact that Crew Lancaster is a bully and Wren is his most recent victim, the fact that they are constantly picking fights with each other reveals a growing fondness between them. Wren was initially greeted with open arms by the other kids at the school because she was the new girl; however, as the school’s mean girls began picking on her, the other students’ opinions of her began to shift. Wren has a very simplistic view of the nuances that come with being either a guy or a girl. Nonetheless, her parents and friends do everything they can to keep her from losing her childlike wonder.

Tense Relationship between Crew and Wren

The relationship between Crew and Wren is frequently tense and full of sniping, but Wren has no idea why Crew loathed our heroine from the very beginning. Our main characters were forced into greater proximity with one another in order to complete the mission at hand, which finally resulted in the fulfilment of their own happily ever after. The sexual encounters shown in the scenes are graphic and tense.

As the plot develops, we become acquainted with characters such as Crew’s buddies Malcolm and Ezra, Wren’s friend Maggie Gipson, Wren’s parents Harvey and Cecily, whose own relationship is antagonistic and in decline, and the obligatory cruel girls. In addition, we are introduced to Crew’s family, which consists of his brothers Finn and Grant, his fiancée Alyssa (THE WRONG BROTHER), and their sister Charlotte. The narrative of Charlotte will be told in a book that is scheduled to be released in April of 2022 and given the title The Reluctant Bride.

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The value of a person’s family, friends, and love connections are emphasised throughout A MILLION KISSES IN YOUR LIFETIME, along with concepts like as power, control, wealth, and trust. The plot is character-focused and dramatic, the romance is charming and enticing, and the protagonists are animated and fervent.

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