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Book Name:Under the Earth, Over the Sky
Author:Emily McCosh
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An ancient ruler from before recorded human history discovers a sick infant in the woods at the border between human and fae territory.

Until a human family can be found for the child, Iohmar will look after him. The winds of Látwill sweep fairies through the starry sky, the forests capture the feeble-minded with their dark song, and even Iohmar, King Beneath the Earth, is subject to the will of the immortal mountains, so even the best-laid schemes can go awry.

Long-rooted magic attached to Iohmar’s spirit will break. Their land will be invaded by monsters made of mirrors and unknown shadows. As Iohmar strives to properly rule his fair people and preserve the delicate human son he never should have saved in the first place, memories from thousands of years in the past will resurface.

About Emily McCosh Author

Graphic designer, weird-thing writer, and expert daydreamer Emily McCosh. She currently resides in California with her parents, two canine companions, a single fish, a single tree swing, and an endless cast of characters who might use some etiquette training. Her work has been published in places including Nature: Futures, Flash Fiction Online, Galaxy’s Edge, and Shimmer Magazine.

You may follow her on YouTube where she discusses writing and books, her website where she occasionally blogs, and Instagram where she posts mushy poetry.

Under the Earth, Over the Sky Book Summary

Under the Earth, Over the Sky is now on my must-read-again list and will be recommended to everyone I know. But I promise you, I read this masterpiece in practically every free moment I had, even if it took me longer to finish than I’d like to confess.

*spoilers, minor Below is a summary of the first 20% or so of the book; it contains almost all of the relevant information, with the exception of one minor detail that I have marked as a spoiler but you can safely ignore. because it is so early in the story, it will not be a spoiler, but it will change things
The story begins with the fae king, Iohmar, discovering a human infant in his forest. The baby’s mother has just died, and the virtually immortal fae is at a loss as to what to do with the child. He is forbidden by his own laws from taking the baby, yet he also feels compelled to do so. As a result of learning that the baby’s father is a nasty person, Iohmar chooses to temporarily house the infant at his Fair Halls.

Of course, he develops feelings for it and decides to keep it, so he secretly brings it back to his room. But this human child is sick and dying, and Iohmar has no idea what to do about it. However, he feels he must find someone to aid this infant because he has grown close to and protective of it. To cut a long story short, he meets a mysterious woman deep in the mountain who claims to have a solution—but only if Iohmar grants this youngster access to some of his magic, transforming him into a faun.

About the Character Lohmar

Since Iohmar has grown close to the child and feels a strong need to protect him, he decides to sacrifice a piece of himself to the kid, permanently altering himself and binding the two of them together. But this isn’t the only problem: a mysterious illness begins to spread throughout Iohmar, and shadowy figures that only appear to him and don’t seem to be able to speak have begun haunting his steps. Additionally, long-forgotten enemies are pressing against their borders.

More details

This book actually has chapter headings! But it also included a list of chapters! CLASSIFIED BY SEASON! I couldn’t help but open it and stare at it in disbelief for several minutes. After I’d collected myself enough to turn the page, I saw a map and a quote from The Lord of the Rings that made me marvel all over again. Then! In a word, yes. There were parts for each season, and at the start of each one was a stunning work of art in dazzling primary colours. I found it to be utterly fascinating. Excellent job of capturing the reader’s attention and holding it through the first five pages.

The connections between the characters were one of the many reasons I like this book so much. Iohmar’s relationship with his son (whom he does name earlier on but I’ll leave that for you to find out when you read this book, so I’ll just call him the child) was so touching that it brought tears to my eyes, and I’m not one to easily shed tears. It was also cute that he gave him endearing nicknames, such as “the grub” (which was humorous the first few times) and “his little boy” (sniffles). Another endearing term was “little Wisp,” which was eventually reduced to “Wisp” and used frequently. There was also “dearheart” at that time. This adorable couple has really won my heart. In fact, it moved me so profoundly that I went on a long rant about it to my mom, who probably got tired of hearing about how lovely they are together.

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