True Luna (PDF/ePUB) By Tessa Lilly Read Online

True Luna (PDF/ePUB) By Tessa Lilly Read Online Read Online for free.

True Luna Information

Book Name:True Luna
Author:Tessa Lilly
SeriesThe White Wolf Series #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.07 MB
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Emma Parker, wolf of the Crescent Moon Pack, you are not accepted by me, Alpha Logan Carter.

It felt like my heart was shattering. I could feel Leon’s agony as he howled inside of me.

For my part, Emma Parker of the Crescent Moon Pack respects your decision to reject us.

At the age of 18, Emma learns to her dismay that her mate is the pack’s Alpha. A rejection from him in favour of a more powerful she-wolf quickly dampened her enthusiasm. Emma is hated and sought elimination by the she-wolf. For Emma, the difficulties continue. She is a unique wolf with special abilities, she thinks to herself. That makes her vulnerable to predators who want to use her special skills for their own gain. What Emma must do in the face of these problems is a tough choice. Maybe her potential soulmate will change his mind about rejecting her. When danger comes, will he be able to keep her safe from harm?

Beginning of the Plot

Logan Carter, the current Alpha, rejects Emma Parker, the former Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack. Emma takes the demotion to Alpha of her pack with grace despite her broken heart. But her joy is short-lived, as her partner abandons her in favour of a more powerful she-wolf. As Emma learns, she is more than just a wolf, and those who would use her threaten her safety.

There are three books in the White Wolf Series, of which this is one. Eight years ago, Emma’s parents were murdered; it was a random act of violence. Rogues are criminal wolves who have been cast out by their packs. Even though rogues are common, they were responsible for the deaths of Emma’s parents. Multiple further attacks have been launched by the Rogue King, a rogue wolf that leads a group of fellow rogues in raids on rival packs.

On the night of the assault, the saboteurs targeted Alpha Luke’s kid, the heir apparent to the pack leadership. Andrew became Alpha after the death of his father, Luke Beta. After the death of their parents, 17-year-old Andrew stepped up to lead the herd and care for Emma.

The wolf’s brother and Alpha vowed to teach everyone in the pack how to fight when they graduated from high school. Members of the pack attend “high school,” where they are educated on werewolf and pack history, pack regulations, and practical skills. Wolf volunteers to assist Alpha with pack leadership and quickly becomes well-versed in pack customs and procedures. The Alpha, Beta, and pack healer all spend roughly a year away from the pack training to become leaders. The wolf has to find their sibling immediately since the pack is in dire need of them.

The wolf’s first day off is on their birthday, when they are introduced to their future wolf and partner. Gloria, the wolf’s mother, is there for the first shift because of the significance of mates in wolf society. Gloria is like a mother to the wolf pack following the loss of their parents. As witnesses to their first transformation, the wolves choose Luna Gloria’s brother and two of their friends, Amy and Jacob. The wolf is looking forward to the change and meeting their spouse.

About The Author Tessa Lilly

I’d want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ever picked up one of my books. Your kindness, compassion, and encouragement have meant the world to me, and I am overwhelmed by your generosity.

I pray that my writing has taken you away to a new world, given you new ideas, or helped you feel better when things were tough. Knowing that my writing has touched your life is the highest compliment I can receive.

As a result, I truly appreciate you reading my work. Your encouragement and excitement encourage me to continue creating and releasing new stories to the world.

With deep appreciation and thanks,

This is Tessa Lilly.

True Luna Book Summary

I downloaded True Luna by Tessa Lilly on my I Reader and started reading it because I needed to know what happened next after being rejected. I was curious as to where the author would take the story after so many recent novels featured female protagonists being rejected by their mate. Can we expect her to quickly find a second chance partner? Is she going renegade and running away? Is she with a nasty guy?

On her 18th birthday, she had the change that would reveal her fated mate to be Logan, the pack’s Alpha. He immediately made up his mind to turn her down “for the good of the pack,” reasoning that the pack requires a powerful Luna. He certainly has low opinion of her strength if he says this.

Rejecting a true mate in Tessa Lilly’s universe does not truly sever the tie; rather, it frees the individual to find a partner of their choosing. This means that they will still sense the connection to their true partner even after they have marked their chosen match. What a terrible thing to do! As soon as Emma made her selection, I wanted Jacob to put his imprint on it.

I couldn’t put this narrative down. I’ve finally run out of coupons and coins, so if I want to keep reading I’ll have to shell out some cash. The I Reader is EXPENSIVE, just so you know. You can exchange 180 coins or coupons for one chapter. The average chapter price on Good Novel is 35 cents. I’d tried making an I Reader purchase before, and it had me shocked at how fast my coins and vouchers vanished. shudder I made a last-ditch effort to see if the book was available on Amazon.

Yes!!! True Luna by Tessa Lilly is finally available on Amazon. There are two books available for purchase at $4.99 each, and a third is now in the works. There was no arguing from me. Both books were instantaneously added to my shopping cart. After all, it’s more cost-effective than using the app to read. This is a YA/NA romance, so it’s not as sexy as some of the other books I’ve read, but I still enjoyed it very much. Check it out on Good Novel or I Reader and read the sample chapters to see if you like it before you buy it.

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