The Wedding Menu (PDF/ePUB) By Letizia Lorini Read Online

The Wedding Menu (PDF/ePUB) By Letizia Lorini Read Online for free.

The Wedding Menu Information

Book Name:The Wedding Menu
Author:Letizia Lorini
SeriesLove & Other Recipes
File Type:PDF/ePub
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How many nuptials must one attend before finding true love?

In the past year, Amelie had it made.

Having a promising future with her high school boyfriend, maintaining a strong relationship with her best friend from childhood, and working as a chef at her father’s restaurant, she could not have asked for more.

The unexpected appearance of Ian, a wedding hater with strong opinions, made her consider trying something else.

Amelie has lost everything in the past year.

She’s currently between friendships, has no job, and is unattached. Where does that leave Ian? He has also left.

She hopes for a chance encounter with Ian when she travels to his hometown to teach at a weeklong cooking conference. However, Amelie’s initial excitement about seeing Ian again quickly fades as she learns that he is the son of her father’s business adversary.

Even more of a disaster? All he wants is a friend.

Amelie has one week to change his mind, and if the reason her life broke apart is kept a secret, the two of them may even be married.

Steamy and hilarious, The Wedding Menu is set in two historical periods and revolves around nuptials, secrets, and haute cuisine from France. It centres on two people who, on paper, should be competitors but who, time and time again, choose to be friends instead.

About The Author Letizia Lorini

Love & Other Recipes is a series written by Letizia Lorini. She is an Italian author with a penchant for comedies that will warm your heart.

Malmö, a picturesque canal city in southern Sweden, is where she and her partner currently make their home, together with their adorable Japanese Spitz.

When she’s not doing one of those things, she’s probably plotting a new romance, reading up on the independent publishing industry, or wishing she had more marketing and graphic design chops.

She can also speak three different languages, consumes the recommended amount of coffee every morning before breakfast, and has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sociology and criminology, respectively.

Letizia’s ludicrous author profile is proof that she takes nothing seriously and finds humour in almost everything.

The Wedding Menu Book Summary

Letizia Lorini’s latest romantic comedy is a delightful, joyful success, and it stars a young woman named Amelie who appears to have it all together. She’s been with her lover for an eternity, she helps out at the family restaurant, and she’s hoping to one day take over as head cook. She also counts the beautiful Martha and Barbara among her friends. At Barbara’s wedding, she meets Ian Roberts, who quickly becomes a close friend of hers. Her life begins to rapidly accelerate a year later. She is unattached, unemployed, and seemingly no longer has any friends. The son of her business rival, Ian turns out to be the nicest guy at a cookery convention she visits in his hometown.

In this novel with two parallel timelines, we come to care for both protagonists for quite different reasons. I related to Amelie because she is a confident and capable female lead. Even if it takes her a while, she always ends up exactly where she wants to be. Another fantastic fictional boyfriend is Ian. After Amelie’s disastrous romance with Whoever, I felt worse for him than I did for her. Ian and Amelie’s connection and banter read like a dream. It was easy to feel both the tension and the attraction that existed between them.My ONE complaint is that I occasionally felt like I lost some of the chemistry between the characters when a chapter finished on a really exciting note and then switched to the other timeline. However, that’s probably just me, and it doesn’t detract from the book’s overall excellence.

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Read this book if you enjoy a good romantic comedy with a bit of heat. Ian is, in fact, flawless, rofl.

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