The Viridian Priestess (PDF/ePUB) By Katrina Calandra

The Viridian Priestess (PDF/ePUB) By Katrina Calandra read online for free.

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Book Name:The Viridian Priestess
Author:Katrina Calandra
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She is a psychic priestess who is eager to advance in her temple’s hierarchy. Why, then, does she keep thinking about the mysterious leader? Despite her lifelong devotion to her heavenly divinity, Priestess Ferren has been unable to advance in her chosen profession. But on the brink of a major planetary event, she is given the opportunity to prove herself. If she doesn’t take this chance, she’ll always be a disgrace to her community. When she runs upon a commander from an enemy planet, the already dangerous mission becomes fraught with problems. To protect herself from her new travelling companion and his dubious crew, Ferren must keep her devotion to the temple a secret. But the longer she spends in the commander’s company, the more alluring his forbidden nature becomes to her. Ferren finds comfort in the commander as they face an impending threat from a common enemy. Together, they risk everything to save their people, and in the process, they form an unexpectedly strong bond. Ferren must determine if she can return to her previous life of stoicism after he has given her a taste of the life she truly deserves.

The Viridian Priestess is a slow-moving but ultimately satisfying love story. The story finishes with a hint of suspense and an HFN. Inquire about CWs.

More About Plot

The protagonist visits a temple in the hopes of gaining insight and protecting her children from the retribution of nature. A remembrance of the years past when she was given permission to use her talent on High Priestess Constance comes to her. Both the protagonist and the High Priestess Ferren have innate divine abilities, so they go to the altar together. The protagonist plans a celebration in honour of the moon, complete with three candles to represent the three planets that will align with First Mother’s moon. Frith is a technologically backward planet, whereas Cosima, where she lives, has rigid worship rules in place to secure the return of the First Mother. As the alignment approaches, the tremors increase in intensity and frequency. When the protagonist sees that the ritual objects and the pre-ceremony assembly are secure, he or she feels a sense of relief.

Eloise, now a high priestess, visits a temple while dressed in a grey temple robe. The priestess, Thea, admits to feeling resentful and jealous of her. Ferren is resentful about others rising to power without merit, but Thea keeps bringing up the chance to demonstrate loyalty to First Mother. Thea informs Ferren that he is running out of time to ascend alone before the representatives from the planet Viathan and Cosima come to meet. When Ferren arrives, he will have to show his genuine dedication by preparing his altar for ascension.

When the narrator, now 28 years old, visits her former temple, she is met by Crixa, a young priestess. The narrator hopes she could retain her cool during a talk with the young priestess, who is overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a high priestess. Thea, the final priestess, keeps her ascension a secret from the narrator, although she and the narrator both want for the same things from First Mother. The narrative of their planet is told by Crixa, the greatest priestess, who tells the narrator that the ancient high priestesses looked for the stone on which First Mother had given birth to the universe in order to awaken her. The author’s children’s wickedness is brought to mind as she recalls how they broke the universe into three parts with the birthing stone. In the year of the planetary conjunction, the storyteller and Crixa lead the assembly in a prayer for the stones to be reunited.

About The Author Katrina Calandra

Author Katrina Calandra has a penchant for penning steamy love stories set in the science fiction genre.

She started out as a screenwriter, but romance books are where she really shines.

Heros who appear to be deadly but are actually sweet on their heroines are especially endearing to her Aquarius heart.

She spends her time when not immersed in a monster romance reading tarot or thinking of ideas for her next novel.

Katrina and her two cats, Sookie and Jupiter, reside in a quiet town in Upstate New York.

The Viridian Priestess Book Summary

A gorgeous, complex setting full with interesting people and connections. Embracing, yet bold. Loved.

Ok. So wow. This book was fantastic. But that could be because I’m a weirdo and this book isn’t for everyone, rather than because it’s poorly written or poorly handled. Don’t misunderstand me. Definitely not the fan fiction crap that passes for novels on Kindle Unlimited. However, there were some problems.

To the Good, The bond between Ferren and 99 was one of my favourites. The edginess and warmth of either side is just right. Overall, it was extremely well done and nice, however there were a few childish parts.
The world-building in this book was superb. I was unquestionably drawn in.
This discussion and Ferren’s insights. There were many passages that I highlighted.
The arcs of the characters were well-defined and easy to follow.

The plot moved at a terrific clip. Things are moving at just the right pace. There was a strange lull in the middle. However, I don’t anticipate that to be the case for very much longer. Great resolution, number six. Amazing setup for the sequel. Equal parts exciting and terrifying. You can tell the author spent a lot of time and thought developing a deep and meaningful connection between the story’s disparate elements.

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