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The Spanish Love Deception summary

About The Spanish Love Deception

Catalina Martn has no one to accompany her to her sister's wedding, despite the fact that she has a strong desire to attend. And now that her innocuous lie about her American partner has become a bigger problem, it is very troubling. Now, her entire social circle, including her exes and their respective fiancees, will be there to meet him. This includes the fiancees of her exes as well.

She has only four weeks to find someone who is willing to help her lie across the Atlantic, and they must be willing to journey across the ocean. Her raucous family is not going to be deceived by her claim that it is simple to travel from New York to Spain since it is not.

The tall, gorgeous, and pompous Aaron Blackford, who also works here, unexpectedly offers to help out. She would rather not accept because there has never been a man who was more unpleasant, blood-poising, and insufferable than he is.

Catalina, on the other hand, is running out of choices, and as the day of the wedding draws closer, Aaron is starting to look like her best shot. And she is slowly coming to the realisation that perhaps he is not as terrible as he appears to be at the workplace.


The Spanish Love Deception quotes

He murmured against my mouth, "I'll give you the entire planet. the moon the stars, dang it. You can ask for anything you want. You have me.

as it was the only thing you were ready to give me. And if you hate me, that's better than having no one to love.

There will be no question in your mind that it is a real kiss when I give it to you.

In my embrace, you feel whole. You make me feel at home.

If you continue to be so flawless, I'll start to think you were created especially for me.

Even though I haven't even met you, how can it feel like you're destroying my heart?

Catalina, you are all of that. You possess light. and fervour. Your laughter alone has the power to cheer me up and instantly improve my day. even if it isn't directed at me. You, Catalina, can illuminate entire spaces. That type of power is yours. And it's because of all the various factors that contribute to your unique identity. Every single one of them, even the ones that irritate me in unfathomable ways. Never lose sight of that.

If you asked, I don't think I'd be able to refuse you anything. Catalina

The Spanish Love Deception Summary

This young woman's decision to pretend to date a coworker to invite him to her sister's wedding went popular on TikTok because it contains "everything you might expect in a romance" (Helen Hoang, New York Times bestselling author).

Catalina Martn badly desires to attend her sister's wedding, but she can't locate anyone. Her fib about her American friend has become a significant issue. Thus, she will introduce him to her friends, including her exes and their husbands.

She needs a transatlantic liar in four weeks. Her boisterous relatives won't believe that New York to Spain is easy.

Aaron Blackford, the tall, handsome, and pompous employee, suddenly offers assistance. He is the most aggravating, blood-poising, and intolerable man ever.

Catalina is running out of time, and Aaron appears like her best bet. She's starting to think he's not that bad at work.


Because of the smut we got to read in the last few pages, I'm giving it two stars rather than one star and a smack in the face. As far as I can tell, that's the end of it.

I despise all the people on GoodReads who gush about how wonderful the book is and how everyone should read it. You didn't need to deceive me into reading this book to torture me; there are simpler and quicker methods available. What kind of terrible Wattpad fiction was that? That phrase, "enemies to loves," has to be a hate crime in and of itself.

Lackluster writing and unfunny humour marred an otherwise enjoyable read. The conversations were strange and repeated a lot. The writer obviously intended for the characters to be 'quirky,' but they came off as strange and distracting instead. Hang on tight, because I'm going to get rather specific about characters.

Catalina is up first. It hurts my eyes to watch her since she's so incredibly dim. Her intelligence is comparable to that of an old condom. For this girl, sticking a fork into an electrical socket would be a sign of a successful day. How can someone so dimwitted live on their own for so long? This girl deserves to be recorded for posterity. Even though she's only in her thirties, I wouldn't entrust her with even a plastic knife.

Also, Catalina is incredibly irritating and unprofessional. Out of spite, she didn't get the contact information for a coworker she sees every day and with whom she frequently collaborates because they work as a team. Somebody needs to fire her. Moreover, she regards her own obstinacy and the fact that she refuses to let go of her grudge as admirable qualities. Catalina responds to Aaron's offers of assistance with, "No, because I'm a stubborn dipshit" and "Aaron wants to go to another continent to help her" and "Aaron asks and does his best to help her with a project she is struggling with and he asks if she wants a ride home since it is raining really bad."

Catalina is just as determined to ignore the obvious: Aaron is a simp for her. Oh my, I wish Aaron liked me would be her response to Aaron's wistful gaze and lip-biting, followed by a song and dance routine about how Lina placed the stars to the sky and how her crap smells like lavender.

Okay, let's move on to Aaron. There are a lot of conflicting emotions I have toward him. At first, he was endearing in his exhaustive Catalina knowledge, but eventually it grew tiresome. I wounded myself by repeatedly rolling my eyes at his demonstrations of expert Catalina knowledge. Indeed, you are a living, breathing Lina dictionary. This has got to hurt a lot.

It would frighten me out if a guy with whom I had only casual conversations knew way too much about me and kept insisting that we go on a date to a private family function on another continent. Putting up an offer is one thing, but pulling a Joe Goldberg and persistently demanding something is something different.

As long as you take Catalina out of the equation, Aaron and Catalina's relationship was OK. (I despise her in all honesty.) Some situations included a great deal of smut and tension, which was written quite well. They were the book's shining moments.

Stop using the word "baby" in every sentence, Aaron. Don't act like you're Justin Bieber; grown ups do it differently.

From what I've heard, Aaron has had a crush on her for years, so it makes reasonable that he would declare his love for her after only a week of dating. There was no way Lina could have gotten it back. It's been a week since you said anything, girl. How good of a dick did you get?

In conclusion, as of today, I will no longer recommend suicide to anyone. Instead, I will recommend The Spanish Love Deception.

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