The Roommate Risk (PDF/ePUB) By Talia Hibbert Read Online

The Roommate Risk (PDF/ePUB) By Talia Hibbert Read Online for free.

The Roommate Risk Information

Book Name:The Roommate Risk
Author:Talia Hibbert
SeriesThe Midnight Heat Collection #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.75 MB
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Jasmine Allen has faith in ill fortune, fine vino, and the allure of a high heel. The concept of love, however, is one she rejects. Her life is idyllic without a romantic interest, until a plumbing tragedy ruins everything and Jas has to start over with nothing. Thankfully, she has her best buddy Rahul to talk to.

Seven years into his career, Rahul Khan has stuck to the same three guidelines.
Don’t gaze at her behind in that skirt, and try to avoid touching Jasmine at all costs. And never, ever, under any circumstances, express your affection for her.

He could have added, “Under no circumstances shall you permit Jas to occupy your home.”

Now that Rahul has to share a home with his unattainable best friend, he is losing control at an alarming rate. Even though he and Jasmine eat together frequently, he understands that their kisses in the middle of the night are a mistake and that any sign of affection in her eyes is fleeting. His nervous closest friend might flee away at the drop of a hat.

So, why does he feel the urge to play for keeps?

Wanna Bet? is the original title of this book. The Roommate Risk is an independent, multicultural romance that packs a punch. This novel has a guaranteed happy ending and contains 75,000 words of fluff, angst, and tremendous enjoyment. Some readers may find upsetting the story’s depiction of parental issues, including neglect and desertion, parental death, and parental alcoholism.

About The Author Talia Hibbert

Talia Hibbert is a best-selling author who makes her home in a room crammed with books and has been featured in both the New York Times and USA Today. It’s been told that there’s a whole other world beyond that room, but she just hasn’t worked up the motivation to find out for herself.

She believes that people of marginalised identities need sexy, diverse romance because she believes that people of those identities need honest and positive representation in the media. Her passions lie in the realms of aesthetics, mindless munchies, and pointless sarcasm. In addition to that, you can find her babbling online about romance novels at random intervals.

Talia publishes her work independently through Nixon House, and Courtney Mother-in-law at Hand Spun Literary acts as her literary agent.

The Roommate Risk Book Summary

The quality of this book, like with that of all of Talia’s other works, was quite high. Easily the most emotionally charged of the ones I’ve read so far, much more so than Work for It in my opinion. Both of the main characters, Jasmine and Rahul, were going through a rough patch, as seen by the abandonment issues that Jasmine had and the control issues that Rahul had. In general, they were both fully realised people who came together for the sake of greatness in the form of friends who became lovers and forced proximity.

Rahul was going through a rough patch and exemplified the pining MMC. Should’ve been expecting this, Talia’s MMCs never fail to hit their target. Despite the fact that Jasmine was clearly more of a work in progress, I couldn’t help but root for her. What more can I say than that I adore an emotionally guarded, competent, and messy FMC? After the third act confrontation, I appreciated how they both worked on bettering themselves, but especially Rahul, who had to recover from years of receiving love from only one person. Definitely persuaded me that they were both approaching the happy ever after in much healthier mental states. Also, the sexual encounters were excellent, but what really made the final two scenes stand out was the emotional weight that was packed into them. Simply wonderful.

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I knew going into this book that Jasmine’s commitment issues were going to be a source of frustration for me. And while the third act conflict most certainly did…I don’t know, it was nothing that I haven’t seen many male characters in countless romance books do before? It was handled rather decently taking everything into consideration, so I’m trying not to let my irritation get the best of me. Wasn’t out of character, and her brief admission at the end was very endearing, so that’s a plus. Idk. Even though I’m someone who often enjoys reading epilogues, I couldn’t help but feel rather unsatisfied after finishing this one.

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