The Naturals (PDF/ePUB) By Jennifer Lynn Barnes Read Online

The Naturals (PDF/ePUB) By Jennifer Lynn Barnes Read Online for free.

The Naturals Information

Book Name:The Naturals
Author:Jennifer Lynn Barnes
SeriesThe Naturals #1
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:950 KB
ePub Size430 KB
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Cassie, at 17 years old, has always had an exceptional ability to read people. She can deduce your identity and your desires from the smallest clues. However, she has never placed much value on this ability. Until the FBI comes knocking, that is; they’ve started a secret programme to use outstanding youngsters to solve notorious cold cases, and they need Cassie for it.

Cassie is sent to live with a group of teenagers whose gifts are as peculiar as her own, but she has no idea that there is more at stake than a few cold cases. Michael, a snide, affluent young man, has an uncanny ability to read people’s emotions, which he utilises to get under Cassie’s skin. Dean is just as good at profiling as Cassie is, but he avoids getting too close to her.

Everyone in the Naturals programme turns out to be hiding secrets. When a new serial killer emerges, the threat becomes greater than Cassie could have anticipated. The Naturals will need every ounce of their abilities if they are to survive a game of cat and mouse with a murderer.

The Naturals Book Summary

For those who enjoy series like Criminal Minds and CSI, The Naturals is a must-read. I loved the premise of this book and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it because I enjoy watching shows like that. And I’m so relieved that I did. There was intrigue, murder, serial murders, children with special abilities (not quite the supernatural, but still…), romance, and battles. Every detail was impeccable. That is crucial data for me.

The Naturals are a team of young people who have been educated by the FBI to investigate cold cases involving serial killers. The five youngsters all possess remarkable abilities.

Strange deaths occur near town after Cassie joins the group. Women’s faces are squished in death. One half of them used to be psychics, while the other half have fiery red hair. Both characteristics applied to Cassie’s mother, who was murdered five years ago with no leads to her whereabouts. Cassie is determined to solve this case because she thinks it may be related to the murder of her mother.

Let me tell you that this book was fantastic if the description so far hasn’t done it for you. With five teenagers under one roof, you can imagine the potential for drama. Some of the creepiest chapters were written from YOU’S perspective and gave us insight into the killer’s thoughts. It was fascinating to observe how profilers use subtle characteristics of UNSUBs and their victims to build a more complete picture of both groups.

The novel’s charming love story was another highlight for me. It’s a love triangle, but it’s so well done that I have no idea who Cassie will end up choosing. Usually, it’s so obvious that the third person seems to be added for dramatic effect. However, in this case, Michael and Dean’s chemistry with Cassie is fantastic. They are so unique and mysterious that I can’t even begin to guess what will happen next with them.

Overall, it was a thrilling ride that was packed with serial killers, secrets, figuring things out, and interesting people. I eagerly anticipate the next installment.

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