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Book Name:The Nanny
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A nanny finds out that the father of the child she is caring for may be her biggest (Only)Fan in this steamy modern romance by Lana Ferguson.

In order to avoid homelessness and losing her flat, Cassie Evans needs to either swiftly find new work or wake up her dormant OnlyFans account. However, there are now no openings, and OnlyFans, for various reasons, cannot return. Just when she’s about to give up, she sees an ad for a live-in nanny position that seems to be the solution to all her prayers. She has a picture-perfect life planned out… until she meets her potential boss.

Aiden Reid, rather than being the strict single father Cassie had anticipated, is the executive chef and DILF extraordinaire. She can’t believe he’s practically pleading with her to accept the position, saying she’s the most qualified applicant he’s seen in weeks. The prospect of living under the same roof as Aiden, whose hands make her rear end weep and whose eyes scream sex, is horrifying. She is not very fond of him or his gorgeous, tenacious daughter Sophie, but she has nowhere else to go.

Cassie immediately realises that Aiden is not a complete stranger and is, in fact, very familiar with her physical being. She doesn’t know what to do now that she knows he doesn’t remember her. When Cassie’s feelings for Aiden reach a fever pitch, she must decide whether or not to tell him the truth and risk losing the finest chance she’s ever had at happiness.

The Bio of Lana Ferguson

Please call me Lana. I like to put a little sass and spice into my contemporary romance stories. I’m a sap for cute kitties, greasy food, and the science of making people fall in love with you.

The Nanny: A Synopsis

Cici and A.’s chemistry is electric. You may have noticed that we’ve altered their names to Cassie and Aiden. The nanny and her hot employer/chef boss.

Cassie fears she won’t be able to pay rent or go to college if she loses her job at the children’s hospital. She needs to find work immediately so that she can afford to conceal her long limbs. She applies to a job posting for a live-in nanny and never anticipates being interviewed by the boss, who works at the restaurant where she applied.

He’s a good cook! He’s so hot he makes smoke. And, oddly enough, Cassie feels like she’s met him before. Despite putting her through the most demeaning type of interview possible, Aiden is insistent that she accept the position and meet with her feisty nine-year-old daughter Sophie, who recently lost her mother. (Don’t be nervous! The mother of Aiden and Sophie never married. They had an affair ten years ago but have been civil enough to share custody ever since.

Soon later, despite Sophie’s best efforts to keep them away, Cassie and Sophie find a way to bond. Even though Sophie’s aunt Iris believes Aiden is not a good dad, she tries to keep a friendly relationship with her.

The Fuller Story

However, Cassie has a hard time saying no to her boss’s persistent attempts. And she finds out something shocking about him. To help pay for college, Cassie worked as a camgirl for an OnlyFans account and fell in love with a client she had several private sessions with.

Due to the increasingly intimate nature of their discussions, they decided to finally meet in person. A few texts were exchanged before the buyer stopped responding and it became clear she had changed her mind. She was so upset that she deleted her profile. She realised after their virtual kiss that he was the same guy she’d been having regular crushes on. Her enticing superior is the boss.

Cassie needs to keep this quiet if she doesn’t want to be fired and her boss’s advances. It’s easier said than done, especially when Aiden also loses it whenever they’re in the same room together. How do they control their explosive attraction so that they don’t end up tearing each other’s garments off?


Wow, such a great read! Fantastic work was done by the story’s key characters. Wanda, in a nutshell, won me over. Sophie was my fave because I could relate to her interest in Encanto and her desire to avoid talking about Bruno.

Every reader who enjoys romance should read it. My performance was amazing, exciting, and scorching, therefore I’m giving it a five.
We need need more books from Lara Ferguson. The call from her brightened my entire week.

NetGalley and Berkley Publishing, I appreciate your generosity in giving me with a free digital review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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