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Book Name:The Name Drop
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Mistaken identities, a once-in-a-lifetime summer, and a love worth risking everything for all await in this novel from the author of Seoulmates.

Even though he doesn’t want to be treated like royalty, Elijah Ri does so when he arrives in New York City to intern at his father’s big computer company, Haneul Corporation. Instead, he is thrust into a summer of hard work for no pay with a group of other interns in a cramped studio apartment.

Despite starting at the bottom of the corporate food chain as an intern, Jessica Lee is determined to make the most of her time in New York City and at Haneul Corporation. However, she is taken aback when she is introduced as the new executive-in-training intern and given a beautiful brownstone for her very own.

Elijah and Jessica quickly figure out where they got their shared Korean name. However, they decide to remain switched so that Elijah can enjoy a stress-free summer away from his overbearing father and Jessica can secure the recommendations she needs to attend college.

Elijah and Jessica’s chemistry deepens as they work together to maintain the facade. With their hearts and futures on the line, can they hide out and prevent a complete disaster?

Beginning of the Plot

Jessica, a young lady, is thinking about applying for an internship at a very competitive NYC programme. Her frugal father considers driving her to the airport against getting a citation and potentially being towed. Jessica is determined to attend even if her mom is worried. Everyone she encounters on the airline, at the office and at the bus and tube stations should be treated with respect, she has been told.

Jessica is going forward with the internship despite her dad’s reservations. She vows to learn from the experience without letting it alter who she is. She assures them that she will always love and respect them. She takes his advise to heart and tries to avoid drawing attention to herself.

Jessica’s mum gives her a comforting grin as they depart the airport. The family driver in the United States helps her avoid making her mother suffer through a tearful farewell. The family’s choice to leave a bad circumstance is based on mutual respect, which is emphasised throughout the novel.

Instead of doing what his father suggested, Elijah’s mom advises he try something else this summer in New York. His mother cautions him that he has to prove his responsibilities and find his own way out if he wants to spend nine to five days in a glass jail with business types. In order to avoid any special treatment this summer, he has agreed to go undercover. They will be OK, he assures his mother, and he loves her.

Mom is concerned about Elijah’s future, but he reassures her that he loves her just as much. He hurriedly steps away from the window, signals to the driver by tapping the vehicle twice, and enters the terminal. He moves on towards a future he doesn’t know whether he wants. Just keep going, he tells himself, and so he does.

About The Author Susan Lee

Susan Lee has spent her entire career in the startup industry, including HR leadership roles at companies like Spotify and Warby Parker. The most important thing she learned on the job was that people are foolish in general. She uses this energy to pen humorous, offbeat novels on the absurdities of human nature. Susan is a 2019 and 2020 Pitch Wars mentor, a 2019 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® winner, and a huge fan of Korean pop music and television dramas. Her preference for V and Taehyung explains everything.

The Name Drop Book Summary

Gahhhh! What a delightful read Susan Lee’s The Name Drop was. The entire time I was reading it on the beach, I couldn’t help but crack a grin.

I usually avoid books with teenage protagonists (yeah, I prefer books with, ahem, adult themes), but I wanted to give this one a shot because I adore Susan. As I had hoped, she continued her success from Seoulmates. In fact, I think the tropes in this one made it even more endearing.

Even though it was little improbable, I really enjoyed the whole case of mistaken identity/name confusion that was going on. Not being Korean, I can’t say how prevalent these names were, but I can say that they made for a great story device. I particularly enjoy reading about couples who have a “change of fortune,” or a period of time where they are able to witness how “the other half lives.”

The romance elements, in my opinion, were underdeveloped, and the ending felt hurried, but the book was so beautifully written and fast-paced that these are minor complaints. Susan, you’ve done it again; another fantastic story, and I eagerly await your next offering.

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