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About Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi

Adam’s attention is being diverted to a completely unrelated matter at the same time that Omega Point is preparing to launch a full-scale assault against The Reestablishment troops in Sector 45. He has recently ended his relationship with Juliette, is extremely concerned about his closest friend, and is consistently anxious about his brother James. And just as Adam is beginning to ponder whether or not he should continue living like this, the sirens go off in the distance. Now is the time to fight our wars.

Even if they manage to have the upper hand in a fight, Adam’s recently found half brother Warner would be difficult to prevail against. If it meant eradicating Adam and everyone he cares about, the Reestablishment would do whatever it took to put down a rebellion. They would do whatever it took.

The dramatic end to the epic dystopian narrative written by Tahereh Mafi, titled Ignite Me, is developed further in the novel Fracture Me. From Adam’s vantage point, the events of Unravel Me are continued in Fracture Me both during and shortly after they have transpired.

About the Author

Mafi was born in a small Connecticut village on November 9th, 1988. She is the youngest of five siblings; her four older brothers are all male. Mafi’s parents are native Iranians. When she was 14 years old, she and her family relocated from Northern California to Orange County.

Mafi is a graduate of University High School, located in Irvine, California. She attended Soka University of America, located not far away in neighbouring Aliso Viejo, and eventually graduated. Also She can speak eight languages (to varying degrees). She studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, for a semester. This vacation gave her the opportunity to fully immerse herself in the Spanish language.

Her breakthrough was the futuristic YA trilogy Shatter Me, in which each novel features a protagonist with unique powers. There is originality, lyricism, and even poetry in Mafi’s work.
Love, optimism, self-discovery, and inner fortitude are common themes in her literature, as are other aspects of the human experience.

The great popularity and critical praise of Mafi’s books have resulted in numerous translations into a wide range of languages. Numerous fans attest to her talent as a writer and the profound effect her stories have on their hearts.

Mafi has made a name for herself as an advocate for diversity and inclusion in young adult fiction.

Book Summary

This novella has opened my eyes. And there’s a hint of the future in there, too. This comes as a pleasant and a sad surprise to me. I openly express my affection for Warner, but I don’t have a particularly strong dislike for Adam. He was alright with me. His lack of interesting qualities is a major factor in my dislike of him. Neither Juliette nor I were particularly interested in him, and I get the impression that he doesn’t have much of a personality. Then we got the Destroy Me and Unravel Me trailers, and they revealed evidence that backed up my theory. And the fact that Fracture Me is narrated from Adam’s point of view only strengthens this belief. I had no idea his feelings for Juliette were so delicate. What he feels for James is beyond comparison. If he has to choose between saving his young brother and the woman who claims to love him, he will, without a doubt, choose to save his sibling. While I respected his loyalty to his sibling, it was clear that she was not his top priority because of it. With his brother’s well-being guaranteed, he can even risk her safety.

(Adam has my approval for a reason, I believe. They’ve been together for longer than he was with Juliette, and he loves his brother very much. It’s only natural that he’d prioritise the well-being of his one and only family unit. Despite this, his feelings for Juliette were no less genuine. That’s the real rub: how deeply did he first love her?

In other words, he has no idea what she’s thinking. Since he is still learning about her, I have always assumed that their relationship would fail. Adam’s true assessment of her as a weakling is what makes the situation so tragic. The negative connotation of his description of the individual added doubt to my suspicions about his motives, even though I don’t take his words as an insult per se. Warner has the complete opposite opinion of Juliette as he did. He always encourages her to reach for more, to realise her full potential, and that she is capable and powerful. Adam, who once wanted to coddle Juliette, now worries that she will slow them down. I was taken aback by his obvious affection for Juliette, but he has proven me wrong.

I found Kenji to be much more genuine than that. Indeed, he was the one who was absolutely committed to rescuing Juliette. As a matter of fact, he even placed the blame on himself. He’s the one who points out to Adam that he should be anxious, but Adam declines because he wants to enjoy the moment of calm they’ve found and not jeopardise James’ safety for no good reason. Present your case for why Adam should win Juliette’s heart. Simply said, I can’t imagine how he can save face in light of this information. Never mind what he did in the first two volumes.

That, my friend, is a little of foreshadowing. I don’t need a picture of Warner and Juliette kissing crammed in my face (though I would love that) to predict that they will win in the end. With this novella, it was all but confirmed. I’m writing a manifesto for them and there’s so much to say about their connection that I have to hold back (for my Project Sixty-Two entry). This novella, however, has provided me with the confidence I required.

The story was cut down a little bit. It connected the events of books 2 and 3. Although not as intimate as Destroy Me, I did gain a profound understanding of Adam’s love for his sibling. In addition, we learned what led up to the first chapter of Ignite Me.


I’m launching a dedicated anti-Adam Kent group. After hearing him refer to Juliette as “the weak link,” I have even more reason to despise him; trust me, she will put an end to ur filthy life. This novella served no purpose and consisted solely of Adam being obnoxious; it was only bearable because of Kenji.

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