The God of Endings (PDF/ePUB) By Jacqueline Holland Read Online

The God of Endings (PDF/ePUB) By Jacqueline Holland Read Online for free.

The God of Endings Information

Book Name:The God of Endings
Author:Jacqueline Holland
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This remarkable debut novel skillfully combines elements of suspense and enchantment, presenting a captivating narrative that explores themes of love, family dynamics, historical events, and mythical elements. The story unfolds from the perspective of a protagonist who possesses immortality.

Collette LeSange is an artist who operates a prestigious fine arts institution catering to young individuals in the rural region of upstate New York. The subject’s appearance, characterised by its young attractiveness, serves as a deceptive facade concealing the profound reality of her existence. Over the course of numerous generations, she has navigated through a series of distressing and emotionally challenging experiences as a result of her grandfather’s historical choice to bestow upon her the gift of immortality, mirroring his own state. In the year 1984, Collette has a significant disruption in her life due to the entrance of a very talented youngster originating from a disturbed household, the reappearance of a persistent someone from her past who engages in unwanted pursuit, and her own enigmatic and progressively intensifying appetite.

The God of Endings effectively merges eloquent writing with captivating tension, so presenting a comprehensive examination of the multifaceted nature of the human experience. It prompts us to contemplate the fundamental inquiry of whether being within our reality is bestowed upon us as a blessing or burden.

About The Author The God of Endings

Jacqueline Holland is a recent alumna of the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programme in creative writing at the University of Kansas. The author’s short fiction has been successfully published in reputable literary journals such as Hotel Amerika, Flash Fiction Magazine, and Big Fiction Magazine. The individual in question was chosen as one of the top twenty-five finalists for the prestigious Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers, in addition to being recognised as a finalist for the New Writers Award presented by Sequestrum Magazine.

The God of Endings Book Summary

The portrayal of the God of Endings offers an intriguing perspective on traditional vampire archetypes. The literary style and composition evoked associations with the novel Interview with a Vampire, yet the psychological condition of the protagonist bore resemblance to Jack Torrence from Stephen King’s The Shining. The portrayal of vampires in this literary work adheres to conventional characteristics, lacking any original or innovative elements within the realm of vampirism. Conversely, the narrative revolves around a contemplative and profound account, wherein the protagonist grapples with the profound burden of her eternal existence. This inaugural work encompasses elements of both present and historical contexts, exhibiting qualities of literary merit while subtly evoking a sense of horror.

The narrative commences by introducing Anna, who is portrayed as the progeny of a skilled artisan specialising in the craft of gravestone carving during the 1830s. Subsequently, we are introduced to Anna’s contemporary persona, Collette LeSange, who assumes the role of the esteemed owner of a renowned private preschool. The present narrative encompasses around fifty percent of the time, providing insight into her contemporary existence. The remaining portion of the narrative is dedicated to tracing the life trajectory of the protagonist, who assumes the identities of Anna and Anya.

This account encompasses her formative years, her transformation into a vampire, and her subsequent journey through various historical periods experienced as a human. Currently, we observe a rapid and unexplained shift in Collette’s preferences. As the protagonist experiences increasing hunger and the apprehension of losing her sanity or, even more direly, her self-command, we accompany her on a narrative exploration of the dichotomy between mere existence and genuine living. The individual is evading the elusive deity associated with the cessation of events, whose existence is uncertain and potentially a figment of her fearful psyche. Consequently, she is faced with the dilemma of determining whether the act of fleeing is a worthwhile endeavour, despite the exertion, anguish, and profound sense of isolation it entails.

The present discourse serves as an exposition on the advantages and disadvantages associated with the concept of immortality. This study aims to examine the significance of art in the context of interpersonal connections. The text juxtaposes the notion of a secure existence with that of a fulfilling life, while also raising doubts about the value of such security in light of the accompanying solitude. The novel titled “The God of Endings” is a captivating literary work that stimulates contemplation and exhibits exquisite prose. The length of the narrative was perceived as excessive, and the outcome of the story was anticipated at an early stage. Nonetheless, this account possesses significant merit and is recommended for perusal. I eagerly forward perusing any future publications by Holland.

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