A Death at the Party (PDF/ePUB) By Amy Stuart Read Online

A Death at the Party (PDF/ePUB) By Amy Stuart Read Online for free.

A Death at the Party Information

Book Name:A Death at the Party
Author:Amy Stuart
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Summertime garden party at Nadine Walsh’s house. The neighbours are all drinking drinks, and the food from the caterer is delicious.

While her guests are upstairs toasting, Nadine, the loyal wife, loving mother, and doting daughter, finds herself standing over a dead body in the basement. Why did this occur? How did we get here?

Let’s rewind to that morning, when Nadine is busy in the kitchen creating the final touches for the over a hundred people who would be arriving to celebrate her mother’s birthday. But her husband is useless, her adult children are preoccupied, and only her mother realises that tonight is more than a birthday celebration. It’s also an anniversary in another sense.

Still, Nadine won’t think about anything but tonight. After the year that everyone has had, a party is in order for everyone. A good time awaits you! The prospect of leaving the past behind. Nadine has a lot on her mind, including the secrets she has kept, the memories that plague her, and the fears she has for what might happen if her guests get together.

About The Author Amy Stuart

Amy Stuart is an accomplished novelist who has achieved significant commercial success with her trilogy of interconnected thriller novels, namely STILL MINE, STILL WATER, and STILL HERE, which have all attained the prestigious status of becoming bestsellers. These literary works have the flexibility to be read either sequentially or independently. Amy’s fourth novel, titled “A Death at the Party,” was published on March 7, 2023, in both Canada and the United States. Its release in the United Kingdom is scheduled for August 2023. ADATP is a recently released suspenseful narrative that unfolds inside the confines of a 24-hour timeframe.

In the year 2019, Amy established Writer Escape, an internet-based community catering to aspiring and burgeoning writers. Amy was born in Toronto, a city in Canada, where she currently resides with her spouse and their three male offspring. In addition to her passion for writing, she harbours a deep affection for the sport of hockey. The topic of discussion is ice hockey.

A Death at the Party Book Summary

A Death at the Party is a captivating narrative that explores the dynamics of a home neighbourhood, generating a sense of suspense within the confines of a single day.

The narrative commences with the character Nadine discovering a deceased individual in the lower level of her residence, juxtaposed against the backdrop of an elegant and sophisticated social gathering taking place on the upper floor.

Returning to the morning in question, Nadine is engaged in finalising the necessary arrangements with her intimate circle of friends and family members in anticipation of her mother’s birthday commemoration. Throughout the course of the day, Nadine engages in introspection, contemplating incidents that transpired three decades ago. As the day progresses, the disclosure of individuals’ secrets also occurs.

The narrative exhibits a fusion of domestic and neighbourhood suspense elements, hence enhancing its overall captivation. The presence of a familial element, together with the interconnectedness of individuals within the neighbourhood, contributes to a sense of a close-knit community where residents are well-informed about each other’s affairs.

The brevity of the chapters contributes to the expeditious nature of this text, facilitating a swift reading experience. Throughout the course of the narrative, several unexpected turns of events were introduced. The revelation of the body’s identity is withheld until the conclusion, so engendering a sense of intrigue and uncertainty. The text effectively integrates many components, skillfully interconnecting them.

I would highly suggest this book to anybody who derive pleasure from meticulously crafted narratives within the genre of domestic neighbourhood suspense books. I would argue against categorising this work as a thriller.

I would like to express my gratitude to Simon & Schuster Canada for generously granting me access to an advance reading copy (ARC) through the Netgalley platform, in return for my sincere evaluation.

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