The Four Agreements (PDF/ePUB) By Miguel Ruiz Read Online

The Four Agreements (PDF/ePUB) By Miguel Ruiz Read Online for free.

The Four Agreements Information

Book Name:The Four Agreements
Author:Miguel Ruiz
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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In his book “The Four Agreements,” author don Miguel Ruiz elucidates the origins of self-imposed limitations in our ideas, which detrimentally deprive us of happiness and needlessly engender distress. Drawing upon the knowledge of the ancient Toltec civilization, the Four Agreements present a compelling set of principles that possess the potential to swiftly revolutionise our existence, leading us towards a novel realm of liberation, authentic contentment, and profound affection. The Four Agreements encompass the following principles: the commitment to maintaining impeccable communication, refraining from personalising external events, avoiding the tendency to make unfounded assumptions, and consistently striving to provide one’s utmost effort.

About The Author Miguel Ruiz

The tools presented by don Miguel are grounded in principles of common sense and conveyed with a remarkable degree of simplicity, so enabling a broad recognition of the universal message that underlies his teachings. The message conveyed by don Miguel is characterised by its simplicity and practicality, which, when put into practise, has the potential to bring about transformative changes in individuals’ lives, even if adopted gradually.

According to the Toltec tradition, a Nagual assumes the role of guiding an individual towards achieving personal liberation. With a synthesis of novel perspectives and traditional knowledge, don Miguel has committed his existence to disseminating the age-old Toltec wisdom by rendering it into pragmatic principles that foster personal growth via veracity and rationality.

Don Miguel Ruiz was born into a lineage of individuals practising healing arts, and was brought up in a remote region of Mexico under the care of a curandera, who is a practitioner of traditional healing, and a nagual, who is a shaman. The family had high expectations that Miguel would enthusiastically embrace their long-standing tradition of healing and teaching, and continue to pass on the esoteric wisdom of the Toltec civilization. However, amidst the myriad distractions of contemporary society, Miguel made the conscious decision to pursue a medical education and ultimately embark on a career as a surgeon. His life was transformed as a result of a near-death experience.

Deeply affected by this encounter, he embarked on a rigorous regimen of self-examination. The individual dedicated his efforts to acquiring expertise in the ancient ancestral wisdom, diligently engaging in studies under the guidance of his mother, and subsequently undertaking an apprenticeship with a highly skilled shaman in the arid regions of Mexico. According to the Toltec tradition, a nagual assumes the role of guiding an individual towards achieving personal liberation. Don Miguel is a practitioner of nagualism, belonging to the lineage of the Eagle Knight. He is committed to disseminating his expertise in the wisdom and principles of the ancient Toltec civilization.

The Four Agreements Book Summary

This text presents eloquent language and pragmatic concepts that can enhance one’s quality of life and foster a greater sense of personal autonomy.

I was introduced to this book by an acquaintance an extended period ago, nevertheless it was only recently that I found the opportunity to complete it. And it did not fail to meet my expectations. Nevertheless, my initial impression of the book was unfavourable, and it required reading through half of its pages before I truly engaged with its content.

The Four Agreements encompasses fundamental ideas that pertain to the human experience: the commitment to utter words with utmost integrity, the refusal to internalise external events, the avoidance of presumptions, and the perpetual pursuit of personal excellence. The final section resonates with me on a personal level, since I perceive it to accurately reflect the present phase of my life.

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