The Armor of Light (PDF/ePUB) By Ken Follett Read Online

The Armor of Light (PDF/ePUB) By Ken Follett Read Online for free.

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Book Name:The Armor of Light
Author:Ken Follett
SeriesKingsbridge #4
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A new era of manufacture and industry, heralded with the invention of the Spinning Jenny in 1770, transformed everyday life around the world within a single generation. A world in turmoil struggles to establish a new order: War cries are heard from France as Napoleon sets forth his violent master plan to become emperor of the world; a mother’s husband is killed in a work accident due to negligence; a young woman struggles to fund her school for impoverished children; a well-intentioned young man unexpectedly inherits a failing business; one man ruthlessly protects his wealth at any cost; and so on. As previously unchallenged institutions are brought down, our heroes are forced to face the future and a society they must reconstruct from the ashes of conflict.

The Pillars of the Earth, written by Ken Follett, has been a bestseller for almost thirty years. With this riveting new entry in the Kingsbridge series, we are thrown headfirst into the conflict between good and evil, love and hate, progress and tradition. Each of the characters sheds light on the seismic shifts that rocked Europe in the 19th century.

About The Author Ken Follett

One of the most famous authors in the world is Ken Follett. His 36 works have been translated into 33 different languages and published in over 80 different countries.

Cardiff, Wales gave birth to Ken on June 5th, 1949; his father was a tax inspector there. Ken attended public schools and earned an Honours degree in Philosophy from University College, London; he was later elected a Fellow of the College.

He began his professional life as a journalist, first at the South Wales Echo in his native Wales and later at the London Evening News. After that, he got a job at Everest Books, a small publishing business in London, and worked his way up to Deputy Managing Director.

The release of Eye of the Needle in 1978 marked Ken’s breakthrough into the mainstream. The Mystery Writers of America honoured his novel set in England during World War II with the Edgar Award for Best Novel in 1979. Even now, it is considered a classic among Ken’s works.

In 1989, Ken’s epic novel The Pillars of the Earth was published, detailing the construction of a mediaeval cathedral. It was adapted into a blockbuster television series directed by Ridley Scott and shown in 2010 and quickly became a worldwide bestseller. The Pillars of the Earth’s 2007 sequel, World Without End, was just as successful.

The Evening and the Morning, Ken’s next book, is scheduled for release in September of 2020. Set around the year 1,000, when Kingsbridge was an Anglo-Saxon hamlet under attack from Vikings, this novel serves as a precursor to The Pillars of the Earth.

Ken has served as president of Dyslexia Action for eleven years and is involved with many other literacy organisations. He oversaw the government-business partnership known as the National Year of Reading. He is the President of the Stevenage Community Trust and the Patron of the Home-Start Hertfordshire.

Ken is an avid bass guitarist who enjoys music almost as much as he does reading. He and his wife Barbara, a former Labour MP for Stevenage, currently reside in that town in Hertfordshire. They share two Labrador retrievers among their five children and six grandchildren.

The Armor of Light Book Summary

The novel can be read independently, however it is part of Follett’s Kingsbridge series.

The lives of Sal, a widow, and Kit, her small boy, are at the centre of this story, as well as the impact those changes have on them.

At the turn of the 19th century, the world had just experienced the American and French revolutions, Britain was at war with Napoleon, the Industrial Revolution threatened the livelihoods of skilled artisans, the rising middle and working classes were vying for political power, and the common people were just trying to make ends meet.

We are taken back in time and given a sense of what life was like for regular people back then, as is typical of Follett’s historical fiction. We also witness the Church, the affluent, and those in positions of political and legal authority doing all it takes to keep the common people where they belong. But alas, the times they are a-changin’, and Sal, Kit, and pals must struggle to maintain their privileged positions.

Since I have already reviewed the previous volumes in the series (in different places), I won’t repeat my praise for the Kingsbridge novels here. If at all feasible, you should begin at the beginning and study the city’s history, which spans many decades. Each novel can stand on its own if you prefer not to read series.

You won’t be let down if you enjoy listening to novels on tape. The acting by John Lee is excellent. He does an excellent job at evoking the thoughts and emotions of his characters. His expressive pacing and delivery will hold your attention for the entire 21.5 hours.

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