Strictly For Now (PDF/ePUB) By Carrie Elks Read Online

Strictly For Now (PDF/ePUB) By Carrie Elks Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Strictly for Now
Author:Carrie Elks
SeriesThe Salinger Brothers #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.46MB
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The sport of hockey is abhorrent to her. Everything else is loathed by him. They need to cooperate now more than ever…

It wasn’t how I envisioned seeing my grandpa’s hockey team for the first time—flat on my back in the steamy locker room. Especially considering that I’m the only one in the stadium who actually wants to improve the company’s bottom line.

The team’s irritatingly smooth player-turned-coach, Eli Salinger, though, is the first person I ever met in this context.

Even before I’ve finished explaining who I am, he’s made it abundantly clear that I’m not welcome.

No brainiac would have trouble understanding why. Eli’s sole motivation is to make the squad a winner by whatever means necessary.

And he’s dead set against whatever adjustments I make.

He has no idea that I have never attempted a project that has failed. And I won’t stand for this being the first.

It doesn’t matter to me whether he’s both grumpy and cute. Or the fact that my heart skips a beat whenever he looks at me.

There will soon be a mental showdown. There can be only one champion.

It’s going to be me, I’m sure of it.

About the Author Carrie Elks

Carrie Elks has written twenty-one novels that have been released by traditional publishers and by herself. Her books are about sweet and sexy modern romances. Her most recent books are a set of tales that take place in small towns along the coast of Southern California. Let Me Burn, the first book in the Angel Sands series, is available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited.

Strictly For Now Book Summary

Definitely a popcorn read; if I hadn’t taken notes while reading, I probably wouldn’t remember the plot at all. But I enjoyed reading it because it was breezy and sexual. I’ve been a fan of this series from the beginning since it never fails to deliver on the promise of being easy to read in one sitting. It was a quick and enjoyable read, since I finished it in one sitting.

The tense opening and likeable protagonist captivated me right away, and I appreciated the twists and turns. The hero is 40 (the heroine is 36), so it’s not truly a “over 40s” hero, and the transition from foes to lovers only takes about a minute. They clearly hit it off, and the sexy tensions between them were palpable. I wouldn’t rank it as my favourite, but there were no serious issues that prevented me from enjoying it.

Eli, a former hockey player turned coach, is the protagonist. He has barely settled in with the new crew before a business consultant shows up out of the blue and declares it her mission to fix everything. The pair debates their respective positions before realising that the majority of the tension between them is sexual in nature. As unfortunate as it is, Mackenzie is not only concealing a secret, but she also plans to leave town as soon as everything is done up. It would be a poor idea for both of them to start something together, both professionally and personally.

As it wasn’t really remarkable, I have a hard time deciding whether to give this three or four stars. There is no shortage of fluffy sports romances, and this one largely stuck to the formula. However, I like that Eli is a relationship guy and never hid his desire for anything more. He’s more mature than the heroes of most romance novels, having left his carefree youth behind to focus on his career. It was a perfect match for our savvy, career-minded heroine. Less tension and more open dialogue might have helped me relate to them, but I understand why events transpired as they did. Overall, I didn’t waste my day, but it also wasn’t the finest of the series.

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