All He’ll Ever Be (PDF/ePub) By W. Winters Read Online

All He’ll Ever Be (ePUB/PDF) By W. Winters Read Online for free.

All He’ll Ever Be Information

Book Name:All He’ll Ever Be
Author:W. Winters
SeriesMerciless #1-4
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size4.31 MB
ePub Size2.61 MB
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Though I can see why Belle fell in love with the Beast, I can’t say that I blame her. There is no kiss or rose that can transform him into a prince.
Carter Cross will never be anything but a monster. I am the daughter of his opponent and his new possession; he is a heartless and brutal mafia king imprisoned in the castle he built for himself. The Mafia’s contract for blood.
That’s all I ever saw myself being in his eyes, but I was wrong.

About The Author W. Winters

Willow Winters is overjoyed to have achieved the status of #1 Contemporary Best Selling Author as ranked by USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

All He’ll Ever Be Book Summary

Someone suggested I read All He’ll Ever Be, and I did, but then I realised it was actually four books in the Merciless series. As a result, I plan to analyse it in four parts.

In my opinion, Merciless is:
That this is a spinoff of “Beauty and the Beast” has been told to me. No, this is not what you think it is, ma’am. The only similarity is that it involves hostages. Carter caved in before even the Beast did. My mental journey was from “he’s going to keep her hostage forever and turn this into a slow burn” to “oh my god, that was fast!”

Unfortunately, I rarely have the opportunity to appreciate a story from the male protagonist’s perspective. This more than makes up for the times I’ve gone without! Carter and his bros make an appearance. And we already know about their drug and mob ties. Just as mysterious is Aria. Like with Carter, we come to know her fairly well. Also, I was pleased to see a glimpse of Aria’s and Carter’s brothers. But the true treat is witnessing the tenderness between Carter and Aria. And just as I had planned, it all comes to a cliff’s edge. Conflict is on the horizon. Carter and Aria are caught in a power struggle, as are their families, Carter and himself, and Aria and herself. This is only the first step.

Heartless was even more suspenseful than Merciless! This one begins exactly where the previous one left off. And you realise how desperately Aria needs assistance, and how Carter must be the one to provide it. How ardently he desires for her to require him. Crave him. This was more comparable to Beauty and the Beast than the previous entry. (And I chuckled out loud when it was mentioned in the book.) Not only is heartless spicier, but the spice was delicious delights. They ameliorated the harshness. As anticipated, we see more of Aria with Jase, Declan, and Daniel! In addition, Addison is adequately introduced for the first time. You will witness walls crumbling. Emotions explode. It feels almost like a gradual burn. We are merely awaiting Aria and Carter to get their act together. And expecting. And expecting. However, I am routing for them!

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