Step Stalker (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online

Step Stalker (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Step Stalker
Author:Jessa Kane
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Vale Butler, a Navy SEAL, has been kept sane by letters from his stepsister while he has been deployed. Now that he’s back, he wants to put a name to the story and is surprised to find himself attracted to the girl he’s been hearing so much about. Ferociously. Urgently. Dangerously. Even though Vale knows he shouldn’t interact with Lula, for the first time in his life he’s going against the grain and doing what his heart tells him to do.

Step Stalker Book Summary

Good example of a taboo/pseudo-incest romance. Despite the short time between their official meeting (day 1), sex (day 2), and H’s proposal (day 3), the proposal is based on emotion and affection.

H, a 32-year-old disabled Navy SEAL, and his 18-year-old virgin stepsister of a year were pen buddies for a year after their parents married while he was still serving in the Navy. Their correspondence was neither sexual nor romantic, but H cherished it because it helped him deal with the psychological trauma of war. I thought it was great how throughout the novel they kept mentioning how much they liked each other and how that helped make the quickness of their meeting and subsequent sex and proposal seem more genuine and less like lust or emotional impulsivity.

H&h were both introverted and deliberate thinkers; neither of them acted on impulse. After their first encounter in person, their friendship swiftly evolved into a passionate love affair due to the overwhelming physical attraction between them. H’s honesty and candour about his feelings for h had a significant role in propelling their relationship forward.

H opened up to H in a tentative way. Since she had never before aroused such open lust in guys, and after her mother’s constant put-downs about H being a “chubby hippie” and how H should be with tall, slim women, she was cautious of H’s attraction to her. And she was both forthright and sympathetic in telling H. I loved how he kept showing her how amazing he thought she was and how he would never give her up. The over-the-top stalking and open protective-possessiveness with h that H displayed was adorable (e.g., he kissed and held h’s hands while the public took photos of him, he got h an engagement ring straight away after her mother informed her that H was only with her cuz she forced him). Getting h was a major accomplishment, and he wanted everyone to know about it.

Attention to details in story

I really liked how the 5-year epilogue demonstrated how H’s stalkery obsession with his now-wife H only grew stronger with the passage of time, the addition of children, and the incorporation of counselling and meditation to deal with his PTSD. It wasn’t something out of the ordinary brought on by his PTSD.

Sensual tension/exposed back detail S rendered steamier by their attraction to one another and the taboo/pseudo-incest spice of the recurring “stepsister”/”stepbrother” and D/LG names. The novella’s emotional investment was above average. My life got in the way of reading this novel a few times, but the emotional and sexual tension were still there when I took it back up. Even without words, I sensed their deep affection for one another. Excellent char development. Despite her social climber mother’s attempts to shame her for her size, she has come to accept herself and her interest in Eastern medicine. Her newfound assurance showed in everything from her walk to her wardrobe choices. H went from being a troubled worker obsessed with his job to a serene homemaker who can’t get enough of his wife. Because of their love, they improved as humans.

There is no mention of whether or not the 18-year-old virgin h has ever kissed or dated anyone. But H is the first and only person she has ever felt sexually aroused by. H is also the first person to ever view or touch her genitalia. H had a few flings with women who weren’t quite his type, but none of them ever made him feel even a ” smidgen” of what he felt for h. Due of his military service, he had remained celibate for two years.

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