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Nothing like a “broken family.” Family is family and does not include marriage certificates, paperwork of divorce and adoption. Families in the heart are made. The only time the family gets null is if the bonds are cut into the heart. Those folks aren’t your family if you cut those ties. These folks are your family if you make these relationships. And if you despise such ties, they will always remain your family, because anything you hate will always be with you.

C. JoyBell C.

You comprehend, even in silence, a loving heart.

Shannon L. Alder

Connect souls & tie souls.

Humbly and carefully interweave.

alexandra elle

You have soul ties to persons with whom you sleep and they stay in your thoughts even when you are not in bed with them. Your thoughts are devoured in your life by their absence. We feel detached when we provide our most precious body asset to someone who cannot accurately spell our last name.

Chris Marvel

When it comes to the connections between the soul and relationships, these are also true live cords that are not apparent but actually exist in this reality.

Victoria L. White

I started making some clarification and I came to grasp the value of my sexual power, but I just understood soul links at the moment.

Victoria L. White

If your heart can be hooked, you can get a soul bond. If they can build a soul bond with you, they can control you. The power of the Name of Jesus must break all unnatural soul links.

Jonas Clark

For instance, if you have sexual contact with someone, there is a soul relationship, because two fleshs become one (Genesis 2:24). In marriage, sexual connections build a healthy soul bond while out of marriage sexual relations develop unhealthy soul bonds.

Jonas Clark

Digital eyes I don’t need to take your portrait. It’s firmly ingrained. Canon Printed and finished.. Still new.. And lovely, framed in my soul!


“How are you still hanging with him after your heart broke?” Yeah, he injured me so much, but he made me also happier It’s true, we can never be like before together! “Well, my heart remains with him His heart beats my name still… Yes, I let him go, but he never left! He never left! But it’s true, too. We cannot stay alone! We cannot stay alone! He is my love and I am his soul! I am his soul! We can’t tell others Yet we can’t describe ourselves as one! In ways that will never break With this birth or the other…! We have tied our souls together This is our love.” “Can you reply to me in a language I can understand?” “Certainly dear! Love isn’t always being together.. but happy to know that they’re happy and happy! Love is not always the reason for your happiness, but not the reason for your sorrow!”


A sudden touch is eternal in memory The connection that even grows through separation Happiness in the soul is balanced. Mind games have lost addiction strength Lies fell apart in the glimpse of true love. External factors were broken up by unreserved gratitude. When souls grow apart in inner faith, Moving to greater self-worth vibration, To be decisive on the infinite journey. Forgiveness and awakened learning From egotism to selflessness In the happy gathering of the spiritual world. From solitary to double flame All the angels gather at divine ceremony through the universe in the brightness of diversity.


I know, most of the time my spinal cord is wearied, my eyes are tired and drained. Your touch, sometimes your words annoys me; sometimes your affection disturbs me; sometimes I ask questions and yet. the only one I invite to get some kind of comfort or rest, is you.


At first… you and I were soul ties that tied each other to the next disaster. You can only imagine how our revelation is.

Cozett Dunn

Somewhere in every storey, we’re bound to somebody like we’ve chained to others in their storey, surreptitiously!!


Something made me feel stuff I beg to God it’s not true that My love is powerful enough to cover anything. Are you baby with me You sense the feelings between us Just tell me the truth that I can deal with anything without you even in your life.

Nina Mosley
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