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Priest (PDF/ePUB) By Sierra Simone Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Priest
Author:Sierra Simone
SeriesPriest #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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There exist numerous regulations that a priest is prohibited from violating. In the Catholic Church, it is a canonical requirement that priests remain celibate and abstain from marriage. It is imperative for a priest to remain committed to his congregation and not forsake them. A clergyman is unable to renounce his deity.

Throughout my life, I have consistently demonstrated a strong aptitude for adhering to established guidelines and regulations. Prior to her arrival. The individual identifies themselves as Tyler Anselm Bell. I am currently twenty-nine years of age. Half a year ago, I violated my commitment to abstain from sexual activity on the sacred platform of my own place of worship, and I must admit that, despite any potential divine repercussions, I would repeat my actions if given the opportunity. I am a clergy member and I am here to make a confession.

The literary work titled “Priest” is a self-contained, extended narrative that concludes with a Happily Ever After (HEA) resolution. This content is intended for individuals at an advanced level of maturity.

About The Author Sierra Simone

Sierra Simone is an accomplished author, recognised for her notable achievements as a former librarian, having attained bestseller status on both the USA Today and Wall Street Journal lists. During her tenure, she shown a penchant for indulging in romance books while stationed at the information desk. The author has produced several noteworthy literary works, such as “Priest,” “American Queen,” and “Misadventures of a Curvy Girl.” Additionally, her publications have garnered recognition and been included in esteemed publications including Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, and Buzzfeed. Sierra resides in Kansas City alongside her spouse and her relatives.

Priest Book Summary

This phenomena I have encountered is highly sacrilegious in nature. I derived immense satisfaction from each and every moment of the trip. In light of the influence exerted by my religious upbringing on my subconscious, I encountered a blend of cynicism and aversion. Nevertheless, the prevailing element of my perturbed mental state was filled with anticipation to observe his upcoming behaviours.

The primary inquiry that arises is: what factors motivate an individual to wholeheartedly embrace a religious belief system that denounces a person whom they hold dear? There are likely numerous factors contributing to this perspective; yet, it is precisely due to these reasons that I do not adhere to any religious beliefs.

Please wait a moment. The condemnation of your sister by the Catholic Church played a significant role in motivating her actions. Catholicism exhibits a level of opacity that surpasses even the largest umbrella recognised by humanity. The handling of unwanted infants in Ireland is a topic that warrants extensive discussion.

I successfully surmounted the initial challenge and came to the realisation of the near proximity to my affection for this book. In a literal sense, within a few pages. The individual in question displays a lack of intelligence or reasoning abilities. It is preferable to do a task or action later than not at all.

I softly murmured, “My juvenile ovine creature.” You are now experiencing a significant amount of moisture.-This situation is unfortunate. It appears that we are not just disregarding the previously established commitments, but also actively disrespecting and disregarding them. I do not have any complaints.

The juxtaposition is aesthetically pleasing. The individual possessed prior knowledge that the situation would involve impurity and immorality. Prior to this experience, I was unaware that such a profound and all-encompassing love could develop. Furthermore, in addition to that, it seemed like to a divine bestowal. The experience was reminiscent of a predetermined outcome.


A priest is bound by various regulations. A priest has no right to wed. Leaving one’s flock is sacrilege for a priest. It is impossible for a priest to betray the faith of his congregation. Common sense regulations. Guidelines I try to keep in mind while I tie my cincture. As I put on my chasuble and straighten my stole, these are the principles I pledge to uphold. I’ve always had a knack for not breaking the rules. That is, until she showed up. Hey, I’m Tyler Anselm Bell.

I turned 29 this year. I have a BA in classical linguistics and an MA in theology. Since I was ordained three years ago, I’ve been serving at the same parish, and I couldn’t be happier. I publicly renounced my vow of chastity on the altar of my own church a few months ago, and were it not for God’s mercy, I would do it again. My name is Priest and I have something to confess.

A few Words of Author on this Book

The novel “Priest” is important to me. This is my first work and introduction to contemporary romantic literature. It was my first time fictionalising a holy figure and was a learning experience. I would not have succeeded without my followers and other significant bloggers, notably the Dirty Laundry and Literary Gossip team. People who acquire hermit crab qualities are patient at switching identities. Loving feelings are shared.

Early readers and critique partners, especially Laurelin Paige, with whom I have a deep and meaningful connection, Melanie Harlow, a staunch Father Bell supporter, and Kayti McGee, whose unwavering enthusiasm motivated me, deserve much of the credit for Priest as it is today. The females who drive my work, Tamara Mataya’s editing skills, and Geneva Lee’s wise guidance made my work possible. Finally, my hard-working and compassionate spouse, without whose support and aid I would never have finished this book. While I wrote, my spouse carefully prepared various Hamburger Helper versions for our children.

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