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Book Name:Playground
Author:Aron Beauregard
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Geraldine Borden has offered to have three low-income families spend the day at her cliffside estate on the condition that they pay a hefty retainer. The last payment is due as soon as the parents agree to let their children try out Geraldine’s groundbreaking playground equipment, on which she has been working for decades. The constructions in her mediaeval castle’s basement have taken so long to complete because they were never intended for public view.

A group of troubled youths are thrown into a sinister world of violence and must mature quickly if they are to have any hope of making it out alive. Will they be able to set aside their differences, or will the oppressive building engulf them?

Playground is a very terrifying and uncomfortable thriller that will make even the most hardened horror fan tremble, according to one critic. It was a relentless nightmare of a book that left me gasping for oxygen.

This is a quote by Brian Keene.

There are 15 images found inside the pages of this book.

About The Author Aron Beauregard

Aron was born and raised in the Central Falls neighbourhood of Rhode Island. Since his parents found a short story titled “Zombie Child” in the back pocket of his dirty, acid-washed trousers when he was in the sixth grade, he has been writing horror. After failing to court the lady of his dreams in real life, the protagonist in this story kills her and impregnates her corpse. You can probably predict what will occur. His parents did not approve of the story and, rather than being impressed by his imagination, probably worried that he was planning a murder spree. No matter what he did, terrible thoughts kept popping into his head.

He dabbled (and failed) in music, filmmaking, and heavy drug usage before returning to his true passion: creating gory, strange, and eerie work that frequently exposes the evil side of humanity. He has been inactive for decades, but has recently started writing, much to the delight of certain sickos. Together with his wife and a few close friends, he hosts the Evil Examined Podcast, in which they investigate the oddest and most horrible occurrences in human history. Through the depressing podium, he exudes a Charles Manson-like charisma, marketing his works of smut and violence to any goon who would listen.

Playground Book Summary

Aron Beauregard is now well recognised as a major force in the subgenres of Extreme Horror and Splatterpunk. His works are eagerly awaited by his rapidly expanding fan base, and he has been receiving recognition in the form of Splatterpunk Award nominations and wins.

Beauregard, ever the prolific writer, has released yet another intriguing piece of devastation. As a member of the aforementioned “extreme-light” clique, though, I have yet to read any of his works. They’re fantastic in theory, but severe horror has never held any interest for me. This work was nominated for Best work at this year’s Splatterpunk Awards, and as I strive to support as many authors as I can, I decided it was a good choice.

What I enjoyed: I mean, just looking at the cover ought to give you a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into. You should probably avoid this one if you need any kind of Trigger Warnings. But if you like the violence Beauregard dishes down, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear over this one.

Geraldine, the crazed elderly protagonist, finds sexual satisfaction in the pain of others. She grows hornier the worse things go for them. So, naturally, she builds this incredibly complex indoor playground and has three low-income families try it out. They don’t get it that this is more like a cross between Saw and Hostel or 31 than Sesame Street.

This has been constructed by Beauregard in the manner of a narrative about a children’s escape room, with the primary distinction being that the outcomes of each chamber are life or death. In addition, it illustrates how some of the children will cooperate with one another in order to survive, while others will just worry about themselves, which will almost certainly result in a disastrous situation.

The story’s redemption arc, which centres on the man-giant Rock and his struggle between loyalty and doing what’s right, is well-integrated and helps humanise the events.


The conclusion fit in well with my interpretation of the story and was satisfying overall. Beauregard effectively depicts the pain that Geraldine’s acts caused and how it affected the novel’s many characters.

Disliked aspect: You’ll need to go into this with no doubts and give yourself permission to simply trust. The sheer size of these interior spaces is mind-boggling. Just as the games themselves are fun to read, so too are the sophisticated punishment devices that have been booby-trapped within each one to devastate the participants. Avoid this one if you have trouble suspending disbelief for even a short period of time.

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