One of Us Is Back (PDF/ePUB) By Karen M. McManus Read Online

One of Us Is Back (PDF/ePUB) By Karen M. McManus Read Online for free.

One of Us Is Back Information

Book Name:One of Us Is Back
Author:Karen M. McManus
SeriesOne of Us Is Lying #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
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The third and final gripping installment in Karen McManus’s popular One of Us… series is here, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Simon’s death in detention has made things difficult for the Bayview Crew. The Bayview Four initially had to disprove rumours that they were murderers. A subsequent generation was then tasked with thwarting an avenging imitator. Now we’re back where we started.

At first glance, the intriguing sign reading “Time for a new game, Bayview” appears like a horrible prank. But when one of the crew members vanishes, it becomes apparent that this “game” has taken on a much more serious tone, and that nobody knows the rules.

Everybody’s fair game. Now that an unexpected person has returned to Bayview, the situation has turned deadly.

Simon was correct; the truth always comes out.

Simon was correct in his assessment that secrets are out eventually. And there is still a lot that is hidden in Bayview.

About The Author Karen M. McManus

Young adult thrillers written by Karen M. McManus have made her a New York Times and international bestseller. Her canon includes the novels Two Can Keep a Secret, The Cousins, You’ll Be the Death of Me, and Nothing More to Tell, as well as the series One of Us Is Lying, which has been adapted into a television show airing on Peacock and Netflix. More than seven million copies of Karen’s books have been sold all over the world, and they have been translated into forty-two different languages.

One of Us Is Back Book Summary

Karen McManus has surpassed herself once more! My most anticipated book of the year, One of Us Is Back, has finally arrived, and I can confidently state that it will remain in my top three readings of the year.

In this novel, The Bayview Crew must solve another mystery in which a vengeful person is on the loose. Although the mystery isn’t as compelling as in the first two books, the connections and interactions between the characters more than make up for it. It was wonderful to see the characters we’d grown to love return for one last adventure together.

The novel wasn’t just about the mystery, but all the characters had such distinct personalities that I felt like I got to know them better. McManus did a fantastic job of showing us that the individuals had lives outside of trying to find a murderer. Every function the crew went to advanced the plot and highlighted the special chemistry shared by the nine leads.

If you enjoyed the first two volumes in the series, you will enjoy this one as well. The novel ended exactly how I wanted it to, and I found myself wiping away a few tears.

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