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Know about Magga baba, why he is called as magga baba and what osho says about him, read everything that is there to know about Magga baba’s biography at who is identity.

Magga baba
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Who is Magga Baba (Story)

For 10-15 years, the magga baba resided in the city of Jabalpur. Also, there was a true Enlightened saint who was known as Mug because he was usually holding a mug in his hand. Nobody knew his real name, and whenever he’s asked, he merely flashes the mug. People wouldn’t let him sleep because of the situation in which he was surrounded, many people just keeps messaging him without him even asking. He used to sleep on the shop’s thatch at night. Rickshaw drivers used to notice him and offer assistance.

their benevolence to Saint Mug. Saint Mug rarely spoke to anyone and only spoke to Osho once, when he asked Osho to save him from the people who were not even allowing him to speak to him.

He’s either sleeping or resting. There are always numerous men and women around him to console him. In the night, they used to press (massage) his legs and hands. Saint Mug never went anywhere, yet he can be seen riding on a rickshaw.

Every time he sat in a rickshaw or taxi, the driver would be overjoyed and ask him where he wanted to go, but Saint Mug would never respond. As a result, the driver simply walks about with him in the car.

Meanwhile, many people leave alms in his cup, and some even remove cash from it, but he never hesitated or became irritated. People have stolen saint mugs and taken them to another hamlet, where they were discovered by someone from Jabalpur. Recognized him and returned the favour He never returned after the final time he disappeared.

Where Magga Baba Disappeared? By OSHO

Magga baba Last time Says to OSHO:

“I may not be able to see you grow into a flower, but my blessings will be with you,” he said that night before disappearing. It’s possible that I won’t be able to return. I’m planning a trip to the Himalayas. Don’t say anything about my whereabouts to anyone.” When he told me this, he was overjoyed, overjoyed that he was heading to the Himalayas. All those who have looked and found have always called the Himalayas home.

I had no idea where he had gone because the Himalayas are the world’s largest mountain range, but when going across the Himalayas, I came across what appeared to be his burial. It’s odd to suggest it happened alongside Moses and Jesus. Those two people are buried in the Himalayas as well. I had gone there to see Jesus’ tomb; it was just a coincidence that I also came upon Moses and Magga Baba. Of course, it came as a shock.

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