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It might be argued that Maddie’s life in London lacks fulfilment. Maddie assumes the role of primary carer for her father, who is afflicted with advanced stage Parkinson’s disease, while her mother predominantly resides in Ghana. Despite the geographical distance, Maddie’s mother’s influence remains pervasive, exhibiting an overpowering nature. In the workplace, Maddie finds her employer to be an exceedingly challenging individual, while also expressing fatigue from consistently being the sole representative of the Black community in every meeting.

Upon her mother’s return after her most recent journey to Ghana, Maddie eagerly seizes the opportunity to depart from the familial abode and commence her long-awaited pursuit of an independent existence. The individual in question, who openly recognises their delayed development, is now prepared to undergo significant initial experiences. The individual successfully secures a shared living arrangement, accepts invitations for socialising after work, advocates for increased acknowledgement within her professional trajectory, and immerses herself in the complex realm of online dating. However, it is not long before a tragic event occurs, compelling Maddie to confront the genuine essence of her nontraditional family, as well as the dangers and benefits of taking emotional risks.

In Jessica George’s Maame, a work that is intellectually astute, humorous, and emotionally resonant, the author adeptly explores contemporary subjects such as familial obligations, racial discrimination, feminine gratification, the intricate nature of love, and the transformative influence of companionship. Primarily, the text delves into the subjective experience of individuals grappling with the dichotomy of belonging to two distinct homes and cultures. Furthermore, it exalts the eventual discovery of a sense of belonging.

About The Author Jessica George

Jessica George, a London native, was brought up by parents of Ghanaian descent. She pursued her academic endeavours at the University of Sheffield, where she focused her studies on English Literature. Following her employment at a literary agency and a theatre, she successfully secured a position inside the editorial department of Bloomsbury UK. MAAME represents the author’s inaugural literary work.

Maame Book Summary

Maddie’s father is afflicted with Parkinson’s disease. Maddie assumes the role of his primary carer, as her mother’s presence is infrequent, leaving Maddie as the sole individual responsible for his care. The mother of the individual in question currently resides in Ghana, where she manages a hostel. Maddie, a resident of London, is currently twenty-five years of age. The brother exhibits a lack of assistance in the provision of care for their father. Maddie’s mother periodically visits her, engaging in a consistent pattern of offering critical feedback.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Within a narrative, it is common to encounter characters that elicit varying degrees of likability from the audience. The portrayal of the characters is executed with great skill and attention to detail. I found the writing style to be quite enjoyable as well.

The character who I hold in highest regard is Maddie. She consistently prioritises the well-being of others while neglecting her own self-care. She derives satisfaction from fulfilling the desires and expectations of others.
She attends the University and is the sole African American female student in her academic courses.
In the Twi language, the term “Maame” is used by her mother to refer to her, with several connotations, mostly denoting the concept of womanhood.
Maddie’s formative years were devoid of a conventional kid experience.

I harboured a strong aversion for her mother. She consistently engaged in the act of critiquing Maddie. Furthermore, I harboured a negative sentiment towards her sibling, who consistently exhibited self-centered tendencies.

This text evoked strong emotions within me. The experience encompassed a wide range of emotions. I have a strong affinity for literature that elicits emotional responses within me. Additionally, the book possesses a positive and inspiring nature, and I greatly appreciated the profound themes conveyed inside its pages.

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