Essex Dogs (PDF/ePUB) By Dan Jones Read Online

Essex Dogs (PDF/ePUB) By Dan Jones Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Essex Dogs
Author:Dan Jones
SeriesEssex Dogs #1
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The date in question is July of the year 1346. A group of ten individuals successfully disembark on the shores of Normandy. They identify as the Essex Dogs, a disorderly group of archers and men-at-arms commanded by a seasoned captain whose prime has waned. The contest for the rulership of the most prominent kingdom in Western Europe has commenced.

Venturing further into hostile territory on route to Crécy, this cohesive group of individuals is cognizant of their imminent engagement in a conflict that will have profound geopolitical implications and indelibly influence the course of human existence. However, before doing there, they must endure a violent conflict in which established norms are disregarded and even the concept of chivalry is eradicated.

Essex Dogs effectively portrays the historical accuracy of mediaeval warfare, employing a memorable ensemble of characters to convey the harsh realities experienced on the battlefield. Additionally, the film sheds light on the experiences of both combatants and civilians who found themselves entangled in the tumultuous events of the era.

About The Author Dan Jones

Dan Jones is a highly regarded historian, distinguished broadcaster, and talented journalist who has garnered recognition and praise for his contributions in these fields. The author’s literary works, including The Plantagenets, Magna Carta, The Templars, and The Colour of Time, have garnered a cumulative global sales number over one million copies.

The person in question has authored and presented multiple television programmes, including the esteemed production named ‘Secrets of Great British Castles’ which was aired on Netflix and Channel 5. Throughout a span of 10 years, Dan made consistent contributions to the London Evening Standard in the form of a regular column. Additionally, his literary works have been included in other prestigious magazines like The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian, GQ, and The Spectator.

Essex Dogs Book Summary

Upon encountering Essex Dogs by Dan Jones, a work of fiction marking his initial foray into the genre, I promptly procured the hardcover edition from a local bookstore. Jones is a prominent historian who frequently appears across several media platforms, including books, Netflix, podcasts, and YouTube. For anyone with an inclination for historical subjects, encountering his work is highly probable. The reason for this is because he possesses expertise in the field of history and has a remarkable ability to engage learners by making historical content captivating and enjoyable to study.

The individual in question often has a penchant for wit, evoking genuine amusement from his audience. Furthermore, he frequently directs his attention towards a subject matter that resonates with a significant portion of our community: the examination of historical events through the lens of ordinary individuals. A literary composition such as this, belonging to the genre of historical fiction, aligns well with his aesthetic preferences.

The book commences with a captivating narrative that chronicles the exploits of a limited contingent of ten soldiers hailing from many backgrounds, including English, Scottish, Welsh, and other origins. Known as the Essex Dogs, this group embarks on a momentous expedition in the year 1346, landing on the shores of Normandy with the objective of launching an assault on the beaches and securing control of France on behalf of King Edward III. The conflict at hand is indeed the Hundred Years War, with the author effectively evoking the atmosphere reminiscent of World War II and the film Saving Private Ryan. However, Jones skillfully maintains the mediaeval essence, replacing modern weaponry such as lead balls and the MG42 with traditional implements like arrows, swords, and flame.

Subsequently, the army under the King’s command proceeds with their inland march, so affording us the opportunity to have a more intimate understanding of the Dogs. The novel in question lacks a substantial plot, instead adopting a slice-of-life narrative approach. The narrative introduces the primary protagonists and follows their journey over a span of several months as they traverse the French countryside en route to Paris, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. However, it is important to note that there are additional aspects beyond mere combat and looting.

The portrayal of characters in this literary work is exceptional. Although Loveday assumes the role of the leader inside the Dogs, his prominence as the main character is somewhat marginal. Under the guidance of Jones, we are allocated time to interact with the various members of the Dogs group, allowing us to familiarise ourselves with each individual and gain insights into their respective combat techniques and motivations. The character that I found most appealing was the Scotsman, a physically imposing and robust individual who possessed both amiable and comedic qualities. The speech of the Scotsman elicited audible laughter from me. Additionally, there are two proficient Welsh archers who possess the remarkable ability to accurately strike a target as small as a fly’s posterior from a distance of 300 feet.

It is worth noting that these individuals are fluent in the Welsh language and do not possess a comprehensive understanding of the English language. Moreover, they predominantly adhere to their own set of regulations. Another prominent character is a juvenile adolescent, aged 15, who possesses an enigmatic past and grapples with internal conflicts that are gradually unveiled. The primary characters within the narrative are of fictional origin, however Jones incorporates numerous historical figures, notably presenting an intriguing interpretation of Edward The Black Prince.

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