Love on the Brain (PDF/ePUB) By Ali Hazelwood Read Online

Love on the Brain (PDF/ePUB) By Ali Hazelwood Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Love on the Brain
Author:Ali Hazelwood
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A scientist is forced to work on a project with her archenemy in this new Feminist rom-com from the New York Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis.

Whenever in doubt, Bee Königswasser asks herself, “What would Marie Curie do?” Marie’s lifelong ambition is to head up a neuroengineering project at NASA, therefore the possibility of being given such a role would be a dream come true. Duh. Unlike Levi Ward, however, the pioneer of modern physics was never a follower.

Yes, Levi is physically appealing due to his height, darkness, and intense gaze. In graduate school, Levi made it apparent to Bee how he felt about her. He believes that archenemies are better off working in separate galaxies.

Bee thinks she sees Levi changing into an ally, supporting her plays, seconding her ideas, devouring her with those eyes when her equipment mysteriously disappears and the staff ignores her. Her mind is racing with the potential outcomes.

About The Author Ali Hazelwood

Hi, I’m Ali and I write modern romantic comedies about smart, accomplished women in the sciences and the academy. To me, the perfect day includes animals, Nutella, and a side ponytail. I’m also in the process of teaching myself to crochet, so it goes without saying that I have a very full and eventful life.

I exclusively use Goodreads as a reader, to rave about books I’ve enjoyed (many of which are advanced reader copies sent to me by other authors).

Love on the Brain Book Summary

Although Ali Hazelwood has her share of shortcomings, she does have one strength: she can create believable male protagonists in her stories. Oh, the males.

Even if it’s common knowledge that her male protagonists are all variations on Adam Driver (tall, dark-haired, gruff but so darn lovely, excellent in bed), who am I to pass judgement? More importantly, though, where can I locate one for personal use?

It was after reading The Love Hypothesis that I realised I had observed what I’ve come to term “the BookTok effect”: authors with middling works get popular, usually because of heated sequences, but once the frenzy dies down, everyone realises how much their other books are… terrible. Awful things happen all the time. Waste of paper almost often.

However, this is not the situation. Ali Hazelwood crafts charming and easy tales that deal with weighty issues like poisonous relationships, gender inequity, pointless tests that ruin our life, and so on.
Also, I wouldn’t change any of the clichés, despite the fact that they can be overused. Clichés are the foundation of any good romantic comedy.

Bee states, “It’s not my fault if I’ve spent a significant portion of my formative years in Italy, where time is but a polite suggestion,” which is not true. In the South, being late is acceptable behaviour, whereas in the North, arriving even five minutes early is considered tardy.

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