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About Love and Other Words Book

What has been written in one’s heart cannot be erased.

Macy Sorensen has settled into an ambitious, if emotionally cold, routine: she is a new paediatrics resident working hard, planning her wedding to a wealthy older man, and keeping her head down and her heart kept hidden.

But when she unexpectedly runs into Elliot Petropoulos, her one and only true love, her carefully crafted bubble begins to unravel. Macy’s entire life revolved on Elliot, who started out as a gangly bookworm of a friend and eventually became the man who helped her heal emotionally following her mother’s death, only to shatter that fragile state of mind the night he confessed his love.

Teenagers Elliot and Macy’s relationship develops from friendship to something more as they spend weekends and summers at a house outside of San Francisco, reading, discussing their favourite words, and talking about their struggles and successes. They had lost touch as adults and were completely unfamiliar with one another before to their unexpected meeting. In order to restore Macy’s hope in the prospect of an all-consuming love, Elliot will have to overcome the past and himself, even though their recollections are clouded by the misery of what happened that night so many years ago.

About Christina Lauren: The Author

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Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings have been writing together for a very long time and are the best of friends. Together, they use the pen name Christina Lauren. Together, the two authors have produced eighteen books that have reached the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Their work can be found in the Young Adult and Adult Fiction genres. Their works have been rendered into more than thirty different languages. (Several of these books have scenes of people kissing. There is a lot of passionate kissing in several of these books.

Love and Other Words Book Summary

It was written in such a wonderful way, and it had a very lyrical and vivid feel to it. Even though the story was told from only one point of view (POV), the writer nevertheless managed to keep me interested and involved throughout the entire thing. The attention to detail and the skill with which the scenes were constructed left me breathless at moments.

I had been on the tip of my seat the whole time, hoping for the best for these persons. I think it’s really cool how the authors brought everything together in the end. I feel like I’ve come full circle. The thought of something like that makes me feel all giddy and giggly within. I cannot express how much I adore isg.

These characters are deserving of the ENTIRE WORLD, bro! fucking Elliot was such a wonderfully developed character in the story. Also, Macy and Elliott’s chemistry was palpable from the moment they first met until this very day.

Some of it seemed obvious what was going to happen, but other sections were completely unexpected. Yet, by the time I finished reading the book, I had the largest smile on my face. These individuals have the heart of kings.

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