Killer Instinct (PDF/ePUB) By Jennifer Lynn Barnes Read Online

Killer Instinct (PDF/ePUB) By Jennifer Lynn Barnes Read Online for free.

Killer Instinct Information

Book Name:Killer Instinct
Author:Jennifer Lynn Barnes
SeriesThe Naturals #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.82 MB
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Cassie Hobbes, now 17 years old, has a talent for character analysis. Because of her ability, the FBI has accepted her into a special programme for gifted young people, where she has found herself in several dangerous situations. Cassie believes that the team can return to working cold cases from a distance after narrowly avoiding a meeting with a mentally unstable killer obsessed with the murder of her mother.

The Naturals are drawn into an active case when the victims of a vicious new serial killer begin to surface, but this case hits too close to home; the culprit is an exact replica of Dean’s incarcerated father, whom he would give anything to forget. Will the Naturals be able to outsmart the enigmatic killer’s horrific mind games before this copycat twists them into his web for good, forcing them deeper into the murderer’s psyche than they’ve ever been before?

Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s signature wit, creative plotting, and unexpected twists will have readers racing through the pages (while nervously looking over their shoulders).

Killer Instinct Book Summary

A new serial killer begins ruthlessly murdering people, and Killer Instinct takes up precisely where the first book left off as the crew is healing from their near-death experience. And here’s the twist: the new serial killer is a clone of Dean’s psychopathic dad.

The strange thing about Killer Instinct is that I started reading it at about midnight and finished it at two in the morning. That is the most profane thing I have ever spoken. I really felt duped. It’s a testament to how fantastically brief Killer Instinct is that I haven’t even had time to post a new status update.

I read The Naturals this year and couldn’t believe I’d missed it; the sequel, Killer Instinct, is just as gripping and much more impressive. All through the novel, my heart was racing with anticipation, and every time I thought I had figured out the surprise, Barnes would stamp her foot and conjure up another challenge that would show me I was incorrect.

I have no preference in the love triangle since I am on the side of ALL OF THE PEOPLE. There are many heartwarming scenes, and the romance does not overwhelm the plot.

I can proudly claim that I made it through Killer Instinct without taking a single break to blink or breathe. Authors take note: this is how you do a sequel.

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