International Tour (PDF/ePUB) By Luci Fer Read Online

International Tour (PDF/ePUB) By Luci Fer Read Online For Free.

International Tour Information

Book Name:International Tour: Part Two of Tour Series
Author:Luci Fer
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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My album Abandoned Bygone had finally become a commercial hit, and with that came the kind of fame I’d only imagined before. The fact that we became renowned later in life gave us more experience with which to deal with the waves created by the media. The music of my band has become the very blood that pumps through my veins. Through our music, we discovered a powerful voice and quickly rose to the top of our field. As our fame spread, so did our grins.

This was the goal towards which we laboured. And when the rhythm of our followers surrounded us, we were charged up… chaotic activity Brax.. Brax, Charlie, and Abandoned Bygone have been invited to tour internationally a year after their wildly successful Regional Tour of Australia. Having Chester on board, we should be fine, right? The Canadian leg of a six-week tour with rock stars Glaze could be just what they need to break into the international charts. Tension and anticipation are equally there when Calvin brings up painful memories from Charlie’s past. Is she prepared to face her anxieties front on? However, the most pressing concern is how Brax will respond when he knows the entire depth of her suffering.

When an unexpected enemy comes to their rescue, it puts both new and old ties to the test. That’s the end of the status quo. The band’s normal way of life is about to take an unexpected turn. Will the demands of fame cause people to grow apart? Or perhaps a jarring experience will draw them even closer together. Re-enter the Tour Series universe… Have no fear!

Caution, Potential Triggers This story contains topics that might be distressing to some readers, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, grooming and post traumatic stress disorder. Chapters 8 and 9 in particular may have triggers, so please be aware of them. Please get help or medical attention if you feel you need it.

About The Author Luci Fer

After leaving Hell in The Sandman, Lucifer (2000-2006) by Mike Carey chronicles his travels through Earth, Heaven, and other realms populated by his family’s inventions and unpopulated voids.[1] Lucifer has guest starred in a number of DC Universe books, including The Demon and The Spectre. His position as Lord of Hell has been filled by two angels, a human, and, for a brief time, Superman[2].

The Swedish actor Peter Stormare played Lucifer for the first time on film in 2005’s Constantine, while the Welsh actor Tom Ellis played him in the Fox/Netflix series Lucifer (2016-2021) and the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths (2020). The Sandman (2020-present), starring Gwendoline Christie of England, features a third iteration of the figure.

International Tour Book Summary

Luci Fer has given us a cast of characters that feels genuine, with individual traits that set them apart yet aren’t so radically dissimilar that they couldn’t possibly become friends. There are Trigger Warnings in this article. Because of the weight of their experiences, the characters feel more real than they did in the first novel or even the original.

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While there is drama and serious topics discussed, the wackiness that endears viewers to these characters is still present. What really stood out to me was how each character and the group as a whole matured, and how it translated into stronger bonds with their significant others. The band’s trip to Canada is exciting to follow because it has the potential to boost their profile on a global scale. This is a terrific story if you’re searching for something humorous, hot, and comforting. The story continues with more of Tour and its crazy rides in Part 3 (please read Book 1 first). “I’m not scare!” says Chester.

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