Bone Island (PDF/ePUB) By Nicole Fiorina Read Online

Bone Island (PDF/ePUB) By Nicole Fiorina Read Online for free.

Bone Island Information

Book Name:Bone Island: Book of Danvers
Author:Nicole Fiorina
SeriesTales of Weeping Hollow #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size3.71 MB
ePub Size2.29 MB
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To the Black Sea, which I adore,
When I slipped out of the castle to come meet you, it was nighttime.

You wore your new friend’s boots, which still had sleet from the forest in the grooves, and those torn black pants. You walked funny in your new threads because, like one of your drawings, you were still in the process of becoming yourself.

We sat around a glass table, sipped vanilla cola from bottles, and sang along to a song about how quickly the night can shift. We’re two grownups acting like teenagers again, hiding out in the woods and French kissing each other to forget about the decaying city around us. The way we touched was both torturous and beautiful; it painted a picture of a world in which we belonged on one other’s skin.

We acted normal for a while. At one point, I was the type of lady you could trust and risk everything for, and you weren’t the lost, outcast Heathen.

I haven’t seen you in a while. I made up my mind a long time ago, and this will be my final letter. Everything I’ve built up before we met will continue on as if we never dated.

Please don’t try to stop me. I still maintain that the tension between us will eventually result in bloodshed.

However, as I stab the man I once wanted to marry, memories of the false nights we had, Bone Island, vanilla cola, our silly song, and you will flood my mind.

I love the black sea, too.

I’ll keep you in mind.

xx, a

Bone Island can be enjoyed independently or as part of the larger series. It’s recommended that books be read in publication order for the best reading experience.

About The Author Nicole Fiorina

Nicole Fiorina has a #1 Best Selling Author ranking on Amazon for both poetry (her Stay with Me trilogy) and gothic romance (her Hollow Heathens series). All four of her books have been translated into different languages.

Due to her desire to experience as much as possible throughout her one thousand lives, her writing style and stories span numerous genres, locales, and eras. Except for when she’s in her writing cave, she’s a rule-breaker who can’t be contained in a box. Therefore, she will lose track of time and have to be dragged away. She finds inspiration, travels, and plots her next novel while holding a cappuccino in one hand and her laptop in the other.

Bone Island Book Summary

Bone Island is… completely different from anything you’ve ever read. The ocean is like this book. In some parts, the tide completely overwhelms you. Its hypnotic oscillations can help you relax for a while.In some sections, you’re left on an empty beach, wondering what to do next.

Adora was a radical departure from the norm. Adora came off as hard and icy in contrast to Fallon’s softer side. I was intrigued by her. Page after page, she demonstrated that her violent nature could coexist with her sensitive side. Even though I didn’t always get her, I yearned to stay inside of her crazy, unpredictable mind. She was utterly interesting, for lack of a better phrase. Everything from her ambitions to the storyline with her mother to the arranged marriage to her devotion to her sisters… I cared a lot about the outcome. The development of her character was quite remarkable.

Stone… At first, I was apprehensive since, aside from a handful of flashback chapters, the Adora spectrum is the only lens through which you get to see him throughout the first half of the novel. He was fairly experienced and skilled at many things he reportedly had never done before, and he didn’t act or sound like someone who had lived 24 years in another century and among tribes.

The truth is that it took some time for me to develop romantic feelings for Ador Stone. One of the earliest scenes in the novel in which they completely lose themselves in each other is also one of the most emotionally and physically tumultuous. I was taken aback because I had anticipated a longer period of emotional buildup before to the onset of anything physically intimate. Even with the TWs, I’ll agree that several sequences surprised me, thus I appreciate them. As a result, I wasn’t as engrossed in the romance as I was in the other subplots.

In general, I was underwhelmed by the book’s first half, which focused primarily on Adora Store. I was getting really worried since I wanted to like this book very much.
But I should have had faith in the system and Nicole’s ability.

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