Forever After All (PDF/ePUB) By Catharina Maura Read Online

Forever After All (PDF/ePUB) By Catharina Maura Read Online for free.

Forever After All Information

Book Name:Forever After All
Author:Catharina Maura
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In an effort to help her dying mother, a destitute Elena Rousseau enters a gentlemen’s club prepared to sell her body.

She had not anticipated Alexander Kennedy’s presence, much less his proposal of an arranged marriage.

If you marry Alexander, you’re choosing to be used as a pawn in his quest for vengeance.

But what else could she do?

A familiar enemy is preferable to an unknown one.

The author warns readers that there is some spicy material and a millionaire possessive alpha-hole in this tale.

About The Author Catharina Maura

Bestseller lists everywhere include works by Catharina Maura. Her forte is contemporary romances with a lot of action and heartbreak as the protagonists struggle for their happily ever after.

Cat and her husband live in Hong Kong with a dozen plants, all of which have human names. When she’s not developing new characters, she’s off exploring the world.

Forever After All Book Summary

I enjoy the trope of an arranged marriage. Forced or contract marriages are some of my favourites since I prefer to see the pair together as soon as possible.

For the most part, Forever After All was a fantastic read for me. It had a lot of drama, some of which was exaggerated. Whenever I say anything like that, I have to chuckle at myself because the idea of a forced marriage is so far-fetched that it doesn’t even register as ridiculous to me. It’s always the smallest things that end up giving me that impression. A couple of those nitpicky details existed throughout the pages of this book.

I also can’t say that Alexander the Great was a hero of mine. Most of the book he was an arrogant jerk. His treatment of the “help” made me very angry. I found that more annoying than it should have been for a made-up character. But he must be a good person if you want me to like him as a hero. I liked how possessive and jealous he was of her when she was with other men. When it mattered most, he also had Elena’s back. And a man should do the same for a lady.

In this sense, Elena is a classic heroine. She gives a lot, but we also discover that she has a thirst for vengeance. Honestly, I enjoyed it. She may seem submissive at first glance, but in reality, she is focused solely on protecting her mother at any cost. That’s a noble thing to do.

The wealthy socialites populate the periphery of this book for the most part. It made me angry. Not a single good person among them. I’d rather remain impoverished if that’s what wealth does to people. They certainly provide a dramatic and exciting show. Although I enjoyed the book overall, there were a few issues that prevented it from becoming a favourite. However, I plan to continue reading this author’s work.

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