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Fix Her Up (ePUB/PDF) By Tessa Bailey Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Fix Her Up
Author:Tessa Bailey
SeriesHot & Hammered #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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When Georgette Castle was younger, she was given balloons instead of blueprints by her family’s successful home improvement firm. She’s basically done with it. Georgie enjoys making others happy through party planning for children’s birthdays and through humour (but not at her own expense). She’s going to do whatever it takes to become a Woman of the World.

The first step is to give her company a fresh structure (like a website from this decade).

Step two: a complete overhaul of her closet (just so you know, leggings are pants).

Updates to her exterior (does anyone still wax?) constitute Stage Three.

Four, she should start dating other men besides Travis Ford.

Accepting the fact that Georgie hasn’t been on a date since… well, ever is part of living her best life. The town’s joker won’t be getting any requests for a steamy sex night anytime soon. Maybe if they think she’s having a hot romance, they’ll stop calling her “little sister” and start taking her seriously as a professional face painter. Who better to help destroy that reputation than the local sports hero and media darling?

Before an injury terminated his career, rookie Travis Ford was the talk of major league baseball. Now, in an effort to forget his former fame, he spends his time flipping houses. But he can’t go across the street without having his entire career rehashed. Perhaps he was making a bat joke. The sister of his best buddy, Georgie, is no longer a child. He agrees to her wacky plan when she suggests they act as if they are dating in order to impress her family and get him a promotion at work. What possible harm might this cause? Just ignore it and go on. The young woman Travis used to tease is now amusing and full of life, and he has no illusions about his feelings for her.

About The Author Tessa Bailey

New York Times best-selling novelist Tessa Bailey is a household name. She expertly guides her audience through the struggles of working-class heroes and their formidable foes. Prepare to give in to the irresistible pull of her tales. She enjoys her alone on Long Island because of how serene it is. But when she thinks about how little they’ve been saying to one another, she starts to become a little anxious. Tessa’s ability to spin yarns that make you gasp for air has earned her the moniker “Michelangelo of dirty talk” from no less an authority than Entertainment Weekly. She weaves a web of sensuality that increases in intensity, but she also masterfully intersperses tender scenes that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Have no fear; each and every one of Tessa’s tales concludes on a note of joy and contentment. Her tale is so captivating, you’ll forget everything else.

Fix Her Up Book Summary

love. I won’t even go into why I don’t like the wildly successful Kristen Ashley books (no offence intended) and why some of my lowest scores are for contemporary romances that have received too much acclaim.

Fix Her Up made me laugh, though, and I’m an easy mark. Extremely so.

This is a book for individuals who enjoy the more alpha male, super-masculine type of guy, which isn’t usually my cup of tea. It’s pretty rare that I find the sex and the nasty banter to be hot in a contemporary romance, but that’s because I really appreciate a dominant male IN BED.

The tale as a whole was fantastic. I get why they didn’t like it, but I was grinning and laughing and thoroughly engaged the whole time. Despite its adorable cover, Fix Her Up is much sexier than it looks.

Keep in mind that opinions on this book are all over the map, but if you’re looking for a lighthearted read with a hilarious main character (whom I adored) and a satisfying happily-ever-after, give it a shot. From now on, Tessa Bailey is an author whose work I will seek out.

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