Elizabeth the Queen (PDF/ePUB) By Sally Bedell Smith Read Online

Elizabeth the Queen (PDF/ePUB) By Sally Bedell Smith Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Elizabeth the Queen
Author:Sally Bedell Smith
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Ideal for enthusiasts of The Crown, this authoritative biography of Queen Elizabeth II provides an intimate examination of the queen who has primarily been observed from afar, offering a compelling insight into the final prominent monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth II has faced an unparalleled degree of examination since ascending to the throne in 1952 at the age of twenty-five. However, within the allure of prestige and rumours, to what extent do we truly possess a comprehensive understanding of the world’s most renowned sovereign? Utilising an extensive array of interviews and previously undisclosed records, Sally Bedell Smith, a highly regarded biographer, offers a comprehensive portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, delving into both her public and private spheres. This meticulous examination sheds light on the monarch’s remarkable ability to navigate her nation and the Commonwealth through the challenges and tumultuous events of the past six decades, displaying an exceptional level of poise, intellect, and elegance.

In the book Elizabeth the Queen, the reader is introduced to a juvenile female protagonist who assumes the position of “heiress presumptive” following her uncle’s abdication of the monarchy. The narrative introduces Lilibet, a thirteen-year-old girl, who experiences the emotion of love towards Philip, a young navy cadet. Despite her parents’ preference for wealthier English nobles as potential suitors, Lilibet develops a resolute determination to wed Philip. at World War II, the adolescent Lilibet was observed engaging in the task of repairing army trucks, while also being witnessed beside Winston Churchill on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the commemoration of Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day).

The observation is made that the youthful monarch is faced with the challenge of effectively managing the responsibilities associated with her position while also fulfilling her duties as a parent to her two offspring. In her work, Sally Bedell Smith provides readers with an intimate glimpse into the inner workings of the palace and the Queen’s daily activities. This includes her diligent examination of the “red boxes” containing important documents, her regular interactions with twelve prime ministers over the course of her reign, her physically demanding international tours, and the constant media scrutiny she endures. Additionally, Smith explores the Queen’s personal relationships, such as her enduring love for her husband of sixty-four years, Prince Philip, as well as the complexities surrounding her children’s tumultuous marriages, her relationships with her grandchildren, and her circle of friends.

About The Author Sally Bedell Smith

Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch (Random House, 2022) is one of her six biographies. Sally has held the position of a contributing editor at Vanity Fair.
Formerly of The New York Times as a cultural news reporter, TV Guide as a staff writer, and Time Magazine as a reporter-researcher.
I was a fellow at Columbia University’s Freedom Forum Media Studies Centre from 1986 to 1987 and in 1982 I won the Sigma Delta Chi Distinguished Service Award for magazine reporting. Author earned my Bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College and my Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Elizabeth the Queen Book Summary

“Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch” authored by Sally Bedell Smith is a publication released in 2012 by Random House.

The accounting of Queen Elizabeth’s life is well-written, highly intriguing, and characterised by a comprehensive level of information.

I must admit that I do not possess a strong inclination towards closely following the activities of the royal family. Prior to Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles and the subsequent media frenzy surrounding their wedding, my level of interest in the royal family was negligible. I had never previously bestowed significant consideration upon Queen Elizabeth.

Similar to numerous adolescent American females, Diana captivated my teenage imagination. Like the majority of individuals, I roused myself from slumber at an early hour to see their wedding ceremony, utterly captivated by the enchanting love story.

Naturally, following the dissolution of the fairy tale through divorce, subsequent tragic automobile accident, and other subsequent events, my sentiment towards the Royals regressed into a state of apathy.

However, even within the height of media attention on the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth failed to captivate my interest. Prior to watching the film “The Queen,” featuring Helen Mirren, I possessed no knowledge about her. My sole motivation for viewing the film was to witness Helen Mirren’s acting prowess.

However, I became engrossed in the narrative, leading to a significant shift in my perception of Elizabeth. Consequently, I had a need to acquire further knowledge about her character.

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Nevertheless, I had not previously prioritised the task of reading a biography on the subject of life, but I have now undertaken this endeavour. The recent release of the Netflix drama series titled “The Crown” has generated a resurgence of fascination surrounding Queen Elizabeth, thus leading to a renewed interest in literature dedicated to her life and reign. Random House has capitalised on the current buzz surrounding this book and has actively engaged in promotional activities to leverage the heightened interest.

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