Elementary Statistics (PDF/ePUB) By Mario F. Triola Read Online

Elementary Statistics (PDF/ePUB) By Mario F. Triola Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Elementary Statistics
Author:Mario F. Triola
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Elementary Statistics has reached its tenth edition, and Addison-Wesley is thrilled. This book is widely praised for being an accessible and interesting introduction to statistics. Elementary Statistics has become the market’s best-selling text because of the author’s dedication to offering student-friendly assistance through the content and giving students opportunity to apply their newfound skills in a real-world setting.

About The Author Mario F. Triola

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Dutchess Community College, Mario F. Triola has spent more than three decades instructing students in the field of statistics. Marty has written a number of statistical textbooks, including the sixth edition of Essentials of Statistics, the seventh edition of Elementary Statistics with Excel®, and the fifth edition of Elementary Statistics with the TI 83/84 Plus Calculator. Business Statistics, Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life, and the second edition of Biostatistics for the Biological and Health Sciences are all works he collaborated on. The International Edition of “Elementary Statistics” has been translated into a number of languages. Marty created the first version of Stat disk, a statistical programme used in schools, and has published multiple textbooks and guides for use with statistical software. He has spoken at numerous academic gatherings and conferences. Consultant work for Marty has included the creation of slot machines for casinos and fishing poles. He has helped lawyers figure out the odds in paternity cases, sift through data in malpractice cases, find gender pay gaps, and evaluate contested election results. He has also applied statistical tools to the analysis of survey data from medical schools and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City. Marty has testified in the New York State Supreme Court as an expert witness. Marty received a “Text Y” for Excellence from the Text and Academic Authors Association for his book, Elementary Statistics.

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Elementary Statistics Book Summary

It was a pleasure reading this textbook. My lecturer made the software available to me online (so I didn’t need a code to use it), so I rented the ebook instead. It arrived in pristine shape and the textbook itself was organised in a way that made sense and was easy to read, with sidebars elaborating on the material’s practical implications. Each section began with a coloured box that summarised the chapter’s requirements, provided the formulas, and explained what each of the symbols represented. There were coloured boxes at the conclusion of each chapter that explained how to do the maths with various programmes.
I really appreciated the few snarky asides the author threw in. Here’s how I’ll put it: I’m a middle-aged lady who decided to go back to school. There were two years between my first and second statistics courses, and I hadn’t done the math in at least a decade before this. During the first week of Statistics 2, I learned that we were skipping ahead from Chapter 5 to Chapter 9. Despite not having any other resources, I was able to swiftly catch up, comprehend the subject, and earn an A in the class by reading this book alone.

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