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Who is Devraha Baba

Died19 June 1990 
Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh
Resting placeVrindavan, Uttar Pradesh
ReligionSiddha Yogi saint (Hindu)

Devraha Baba, also known as Deoraha Baba, was an Indian Siddha Yogi saint who lived in Mathura near the Yamuna River. He died on June 19, 1990. “Ageless Yogi” was his moniker.

Devraha baba history

Little is known about Devraha Baba’s early life, except that he visited Maiel, a town 20 kilometres south of Salempur in Deoria Uttar Pradesh, in the first half of the twentieth century. He began living atop a machan, a high platform built of wooden logs located 3 kilometres from the town on the Sarayu River’s banks. Because he lived near the Chilma Bazar Basti District, locals began to refer to him as Devraha Baba, an honorific for saints or old men. He then moved to Vrindavan, where he spent the rest of his life atop a machan on the banks of the Yamuna River.

Devraha Baba was a Vrindava hermit. He was regarded as a “spiritual mentor to everyone from the poor to the strong… above the limited boundaries of caste and community.” Villagers and influential figures queued for hours to catch a glimpse of him, known as darshan. During general elections, he was visited by politicians such as Indira Gandhi, Buta Singh, and Rajiv Gandhi, who sought his blessings. [8] On the eve of the 1989 elections, Rajiv Gandhi and his wife Sonia Gandhi paid a visit to his ashram. With his feet, he used to bless the worshippers.

He donned a little deerskin and lived on a 12-foot-high (3.7-meter) wooden platform beside the river. His semi-naked body was hidden from his worshippers by a wall of wooden planks, and he only came down to bathe in the river.

Where Devraha Baba Live

In 1911, George V came to India and reached Baba’s ashram. What he talked about with Baba, his disciples never made it known. His palace was the scaffolding on four pillars, where people used to see him from below. He used to spend eight months in a year in Mile village.

What is the Real Age of Devraha Baba?

It is believed that Devraha bada had lived longer than 900 years but as far as evidence and proven facts are concerned we have nothing except a notion. People often say it is due to his mantras that he chanted his whole life, he lived that long.


It is said about Devraha Baba that he never used any kind of vehicle to go from one place to another, nor did anyone see him going anywhere by ride. Devotees believed that Baba used to walk very easily on water. Baba used to come to Prayag every year during the Magh Mela. In Vrindavan on the banks of the Yamuna, he used to stay in the water for half an hour without breathing. Devaraha Baba never made any claim about his age, tenacity and accomplishments, but there was a crowd of people of all kinds around him who used to seek miracles in him.

Devaraha Baba always used to offer blessings and offerings to the people sitting on a tall wooden scaffold. He used to meet all the people who came to him very lovingly, giving away offerings and blessings. It was believed that no prasad was kept on the scaffold, yet Baba used to give prasad in the hands of the people.

Indira Gandhi lost the election after the Emergency in the country. Then Indira Gandhi went to seek blessings from Devraha Baba. Baba raised his hand and blessed him with claws. After returning from there, Indira ji fixed the hand claw as the election symbol of Congress. On this mark, in 1980, under the leadership of Indira ji, the Congress got a thumping majority and she became the Prime Minister of the country.

Devraha Baba not only used to know the mind of human beings, but he also used to understand the language and dialect of animals. They used to subdue wild animals.

There was a belief among the people that Baba used to know everything about everything, when, who, where there was discussion about him. Apart from this, Baba used to control even inanimate things under his control. He used to ask the camera to take a photo, but his photo could not be made in the camera. His memory used to be very fast, once he met someone, he used to tell about his family even after years.

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