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Book NameDestroy Me
AuthorTahereh Mafi
SeriesShatter Me #1.5
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
Size5.25 MB
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Details of the Destroy Me Story:-
Juliette managed to get away from The Reestablishment after she seduced Warner and shot him in the shoulder. In contrast, she learns that Warner is not so easy to eliminate in Destroy Me.

After nearly being killed in combat, Warner has returned to the base and must do all in his power to keep his troops in order and hide any signs of revolt in the area. His first priority is to find Juliette and bring her back, and then he will eliminate the traitors Adam and Kenji who helped her escape. The Supreme Commander of the Reestablishment, Warner’s father, shows up to reprimand his son, but it’s clear that he has other plans for his son’s girlfriend, Juliette. This is not something Warner will allow.

Between the events of Shatter Me and its planned sequel, Unravel Me, lies Warner’s novella, Destroy Me. Warner is the sadistic head of Sector 45.

Author Biography: Tahereh Mafi

The three books in Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me trilogy have become international best sellers. They moved to Santa Monica from a small Connecticut town, where her husband Ransom Riggs worked as a writer. She always seems to be reading and sipping coffee. ABC Signature Studios has optioned her debut novel, Shatter Me, for television, and her first middle grade novel, Furthermore, is now out, with its darker companion, Which wood, coming soon.

Synopsis of the Book: Destroy Me

Destroy Me was a fantastic read. Warner’s feelings have become the topic of much conversation. Sometimes I would have trouble taking a deep breath because of how incredible everything was. I couldn’t stop reading till I finished the book. I wish I could start over in certain respects.

Warner’s imagination was clever, but as always, quite sinister.

I can’t even begin to imagine what real friendship is like because I’ve never had one. Neither when I was a kid nor when I’m an adult.

A warm hug from me to the tiny man. What do you think?

Simply said, he was awesome. Having access to his thought processes was fascinating. Okay, holy cow! I refuse to accept it. Tahereh Mafi, I give thanks to God for you. Knowing what your intended readers want and need. She’s been the recipient of a lot of love and support.

I was sceptical after finishing Shatter Me. I’m still in love with Adam, but after finishing Destroy Me, I’m cheering for the Warner Bros. Give Adam the sock! HA!


The Outline of the Story- Warner’s father made several appearances throughout the novel. The most egregious tyrant ever! When he wronged my friend Warner, I felt like taking my anger out on him. Warner was deserving of a tragic ending.

I have an emotional warehouse in my head.
I locked up my useless portions of myself.

It’s obvious he still has feelings for Juliette. Even her prison journal is found by him. In this way, Warner is able to empathise with Juliette’s plight, and his true, honest, and exquisite feelings for her are displayed. She shot him and is “destroying him,” as Warner puts it, but he still loves her very much.

It drove me crazy to see her interacting with another person. The more I thought about him, the more jealous I got. Ridiculous. I was hoping we could strike up a conversation so she could learn more about me. I had this strange, unsettling feeling that she might be the only person in the entire world for whom I could ever feel genuine affection.

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