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Only one night of this was planned. His obsession has grown. After my disastrous one-night fling, I promise not to reveal the identity of the older, sexier man who abandoned me in the midst of our deed. (And on the day I turned twenty-one, no less!) It’s too bad I run into the guy I almost kissed during my mom’s wedding. My stepdad’s opponent has a rich son, and I find out he is my new stepcousin, Reid Sebastian. That’s why I consider him a rival of mine. Even though I knew he was vicious previously, I had no idea he would become so fixated on hurting me. And because we’re related, he visits frequently.

We’ve entered a vicious game in which neither of us can come out on top. But here’s my little secret: the more we play together, the more I desire him. Regardless of the cost to either of us. Set in an interesting world of millionaires, power, and controversy, Brutal Secret is a complete standalone forbidden, age-gap, forced proximity romance. To get the most out of this narrative, you should read Brutal Billionaire first, but it’s not required.


At a club, Denny makes fun of Lina’s sexuality as she and Denny are dancing together. He says she shouldn’t make sexual jokes and accuses her of doing so. Lina doesn’t want to be insulted, therefore she doesn’t listen. She’s not a sexual person. The Beardy Superman-looking barman who Denny says is attractive and would bang her is also mentioned.

Lina is embarrassed to tell him, but he assures her that he will not compromise his morals so that she may stop being labelled as a virgin. He goes on to say that he knows Mr. Beardy Superman wants to bang her and that the age difference is trending right now.

While talking to Beardy Superman, Denny notices another person, a suit guy, nearby. Lina realises that Suit Guy saw him staring at her since he is difficult to overlook. She spins around to confront Denny, who identifies Reid as the barman.

To Lina’s astonishment, Reid turns out to be a voluptuous, foul-mouthed redhead. Denny and Lina enjoy each other’s company over drinks and engage in a discussion that is equal parts humorous and heartfelt.

Leen, our main character, is a lady who has both Irish and Italian ancestry thanks to her mother. Since her father’s death, she has come into her own and is now looking for a guy to take her home and do awful things to her body at a club. In spite of this, she believes that all of her acquaintances are more adept at flirting than she is. Her closest friend Denny is clueless since he isn’t triggered by either sex. He has a way with words but can’t seem to figure out how to gorgeous girl back.

Leen doesn’t have a job, and the farthest she’s ever been with a male is an awkward fingering in return for jerking him off, so she feels lost and behind her classmates. Denny’s mom is so hip, she proposes they watch Spy X Family while munching on hot wings at Denny’s home. Leen shoves Denny so forcefully that the latter almost topples over.

When Denny suggests getting another martini from the attractive barman, Leen plays the nerd. When he asks her what prompted her most recent remix, she clutches his arm again. If she goes with him, Leen wants an ID photo sent to her phone so she can identify him in a lineup if they end up in the Hudson. Otherwise, she’ll go looking for him.

About The Author Laurelin Paige

The Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Paige is a worldwide phenomenon, and Paige has written about it in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. She has also written alongside Katti McGee and Sierra Simone to produce a number of best-selling novels in both the Fixed and Dirty Universes.
Do you want a feel-good romantic comedy or a dark and brooding drama? Laurelin has organised her reading list of books by genre and suggested reading order.
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Brutal Secret Book Summary

I found Brutal Secret (Brutal Billionaires #2) to be an excellent read. The book’s humour caught me by surprise. And I really ADORE Lina’s eccentric personality and sharp, witty tongue. She gave Reid Sebastian a serious challenge. Since Lina’s father, Reynard, is brothers with Reid’s, it’s inevitable that the two will be compelled to spend a lot of time together. Reid’s uncle, Samuel Sebastian, recently married Lina’s mother. The way they dig at each other and spar is fascinating, and they are the epitome of enemies-to-lovers.

Reid is a lot like Sebastian in that he is conceited and can be a jerk when he wants to be. But he can also make you drool with his charm, confidence, and sexiness. Reid and Lina are not allowed to have any kind of sexual relationship due to the intense rivalry between Reynard and Samuel. Secrets, deception, a wild and hot fling with nasty, pant-melting sex, and heartbreaking moments all come together in their story. Also, Ms. Paige does an excellent job coming up with truly horrible villains, and Reynard is no exception. His actions are reprehensible, and he is an utter lowlife.

I give Brutal Secret five stars and recommend it to anybody who wants to read a really spicy book with humour, heart, love, family turmoil, and tenderness.

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