Broken Beginnings (PDF/ePUB) By Clary Evans Read Online

Broken Beginnings (PDF/ePUB) By Clary Evans Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Broken Beginnings
Author:Clary Evans
Series Citrus Cove #1
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.66 MB
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Claire Evans’s latest novel is a sizzling romantic suspense set in a sleepy little village.

You’re Up Next. Because of being in the wrong location at the wrong time, my entire life has been altered. I returned to the one location I said I would never set foot in again after witnessing a masked man murder my neighbour there. Lemon Grove. The tranquil village itself hasn’t changed much, but its residents certainly have. Even Cameron Harlow, who picked on me back in high school. I’d rather have nothing to do with him. He’s the last person I’d ever want to be around. But Cameron Harlow has been hoping for the chance to make amends by seeing me again.

He’s sinfully hot, has that sultry southern charm, and calls me sunshine, yet our history makes me despise him. Defying him seems futile. When the threat I’ve been fleeing finally reaches my community, I have nowhere else to go but to Cameron. It seems like I have eyes on me. Stay with me here. They’ve made it clear that they want me dead. Despite our shattered backgrounds, we seek nothing more than a happy ending. But the murderer has other plans, and if Cam and I are going to have a future together, we have to make it through this.

Beginning of the Plot

Sarah, fourteen years ago, pulled the protagonist out to a party at the Harlow brothers’ home, despite the protagonist’s distaste for the town and its inhabitants. The main character had left Citrus Cove four years before because he was sick of the oppressive heat, the gossip, and the people. Since the first day of school, Cameron Harlow, the school bully, had made her life miserable. Sarah tried to get the protagonist to attend the party, but he declined.

Sarah volunteered to smuggle the main character a drink, but the main character suspected that Sarah was lying. To save money for college, our protagonist followed Sarah to her beat-up Corolla and cranked down the window. The main character stated that she couldn’t afford further education and that working at Cotton Cafe wouldn’t improve her financial situation.

Sarah disputed with the protagonist, pointing out that not everyone aspires to fame and fortune. She kept walking, but her mind was still on getting away from town and the Harlow lads. The protagonist said they weren’t locked in the city and could just leave by whatever means necessary.

Partygoers Haley Bently and her pal Sarah can be seen making their way to the Harlow barn. Cameron Harlow, who is bigger and stronger than Haley, greets them when they arrive. Cameron wagers that Haley, like the rest of his unattractive family, will not go far from their hometown. Haley is upset because she fears she will end up alone and forgotten like her mother did.

Cameron glares at Haley, threatening her that she will turn out exactly like her mother, before dumping a beer can over her head. Despite taking a hit to the face from her, he is soon back on his feet. The eldest of the three, Hunter Harlow, apologises to Haley and says he doesn’t need anything from them. He goes out of the barn despite Cameron’s elder brother’s jeers and obscenities.

Because of the distance between their homes, Haley chooses against going out with Cameron. It wouldn’t be long until she finally left town and never had to return. Finding someone to make out with, coping with others, and maintaining a good relationship are just a few of the obstacles that ladies confront in this novel.

About The Author Clary Evans

Small-town romance author Clio Evans writes under the name Clary Evans. Originally from the sunny city of Austin, Texas, Clary prefers to spend her summers indoors, where she can write, sip coffee, and avoid the sun.

Broken Beginnings Book Summary

In Broken Beginnings, protagonist Haley returns to her hometown of Citrus Cove after more than a decade away after witnessing a woman’s murder. Cameron, Haley’s high school tormentor, is waiting for her when she gets back. Cameron is not the same person she knew in high school, and he is resolved to make up with Haley for their past interactions. It doesn’t take long for Cameron to realise that he has feelings for Haley once he employs her to work at his winery. Haley returns to Citrus Cove, but everyone soon realises the killer has followed her.

I found this to be an excellent, high-heat, fast-paced romance. The story hooked me right from the start and held my interest throughout. I enjoyed the juxtaposition between the lighthearted relationship between Haley and Cameron and the mild gloominess of the murders. It was cute to see how the guy was completely smitten with Haley from the start. The book’s steam deserves a lot of kudos, it’s that good; Clary Evans is a talented author. The instant attraction between the two main characters was the only flaw I could find in the novel; building up the romance between the two main characters gradually over time would have been much more effective. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and the introduction to the Citrus Cove series.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from Clary Evans in exchange for my honest assessment.

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