Under Pressure (PDF/ePUB) By Jisa Dean Read Online

Under Pressure (PDF/ePUB) By Jisa Dean Read Online For Free.

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Book Name:Under Pressure
Author:Jisa Dean
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From across a bullet-riddled room, I see Brook and immediately realize…she is mine! She may believe that her sassy tongue and penchant for mischief would put me off, but they won’t. My heart skips a beat as I see the little redhead with the coloured tips. I could be ready to meet Mrs. Right now, or it could just be that I have a thing for I Love Lucy. But if you take away everything else…All the unique qualities that made Brook special captivated me immediately. And when she asks me to be her lover and show her the ropes, she can sign me up for as many courses as she likes. I’ll guide her and watch out for her, but in exchange she must promise to be my forever.

For as long as I can remember, people have said that I exemplify the cliché of a fiery redhead. Well, it starts with some well selected words, of course, but the result—a steamy kiss in his kitchen—has me wondering whether Waylen is the kind of trouble I’ve spent the better part of my adult life seeking. But will he also be the kind of heartache I don’t want anything to do with, or may our love education lead to a happily ever after? Do I feel ready to take on this test and all the dangers that come with it? Sure as heck am, if you ask me! If Waylen is prepared for me, great.

Sounds like the finest kind of Taboo to me: full of mischief, heartache, and valuable life lessons. Now is your opportunity to learn out what went down between UnderCover’s Waylen and Brook (Taboo Fourteen). If you don’t prefer to share your reading material, you can read it independently. Waylen and Brook are the perfect Taboo to help you get through the first week of school with a guaranteed Happy Ending and enough steam to help you learn how to love…under pressure.

About The Author Jisa Dean

Since she was four years old, Jisa Dean has been hopelessly romantic. Adorer of Gudetama, Instant Karma, and Happy Endings. As a wife and mother, she spends her time worrying about how to keep her naughty side hidden from the PTO moms in the school pickup line when she’s not making herself blush with her writing. She’d be thrilled if you joined her in her mission to smear smut throughout the land.

Under Pressure Book Summary

Kelly Moran’s “Under Pressure” is the fifth installment in the Redwood Ridge series.
You should be allowed to keep being…sexy.

Parker Maloney, sheriff of Redwood Ridge, has learnt to hold his tongue in the face of the matchmakers’ pranks. Simply put, he is relieved that they have never harassed him before. However, he may be their next target. They’ve sent him on countless fruitless errands, all of which have had Madeline Freemont as their connecting factor. Whatever. He has no desire to heal the wounds Maddie inflicted upon him during their childhood. It doesn’t matter how attractive, insightful, or witty she is to him. Nope. When it comes to this, he’s laying down the law. But there’s something about her smouldering, steely demeanour that he just can’t place, and she’s starting to free him.

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The icy shoulder is nothing new for Maddie Free mont. The majority of the town simply never got used to her. That’s what I meant to say. It’s not surprising that nobody offers assistance when her ex-husband abandons her, leaves her high and dry, and puts her in such debt that she has to live on the streets. She is eking out an existence by taking any menial jobs she can get. Once desperate for Parker’s notice, she now realises that the last thing she needs is to draw his attention. It’s unclear why they keep running into each other all of a sudden. But she’s having a hard time resisting his attractive, understated charms, and the way he’s chipping away at her resolve to reveal desires she’s suppressed for a long time.

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