Who Made God? & Which God Created The World

Who made God? How Almighty God was Created? Who is the creator even for the Gods? And which God created our world? Our earth, this solar system, the galaxies and the entire universe? Know everything and clear your doubts today by reading this in depth post till the end. Finally get the answer to most asked question: if god made the universe, who made god?

Who Created God?

So if you are really serious about this question and want a satisfying Answer of it, then firstly you have to understand what is God actually. After you have understood what is God then you can find the answer by yourself to the question who made or created God.

What is God?

Firstly, to understand what is God, you must forget all about what all the various religions have been claiming and whatever you have taught about God until now. Just be like a child who doesn’t even knows who God is and is there even such thing exists like god. Put all your notions about God aside then read further on this page.

Reality of God

God is not really a individual. God is not a person. That is one of the most common misconceptions, and it has persisted for so long that it has practically become a fact. Even if a falsehood is repeated for millennia, it will eventually appear to be the truth.

God is not a person, but a presence. As a result, all worship is a waste of time. It is prayerfulness, not prayer, that is required. There is no one to pray to, and there is no way for you to communicate with God. Dialogue can only take place between two people, because God is neither a person nor a presence – like beauty or joy.

God simply refers to the state of being godly. Buddha doubted the existence of God as a result of this circumstance. He intended to underline that God, like love, is a quality and an experience. Love is something you can’t talk about, but you can live it. You don’t need to build love temples or make love statues, and bowing down to those sculptures is a waste of time. That is exactly what has been happening in churches, temples, and mosques.

Man has lived under the idea that God is a person, and as a result, two disasters have occurred. One is the so-called religious man, who believes that God is someplace in the sky and that you must worship him in order to persuade him to grant you favours, such as assisting you in fulfilling your objectives, achieving your goals, and bestowing wealth in this and other worlds. This is a complete waste of time and energy.

On the other hand, those who recognised the absurdity of it all became atheists, denying the existence of God. In some ways, they were correct, but they were also incorrect. They began to deny not just God’s personality, but also God’s experience.

Theists and atheists are both incorrect, and man requires a new vision to be set free from both prisons.

So What Actually Almighty God is in a Sentence?

God is the pinnacle of silence, beauty, and happiness, a condition of inner celebration. There will be a significant shift in your perspective once you begin to see God as godliness. Then prayer is no longer valid, but meditation is.

How was God Born? How Did God Come Alive

The truth is that God is a product of human imagination. God is an idea created by man out of his fear of being alone in the universe. The man needs to rely upon something so humans in the past created the concepts of God. So Basically God is a imaginary entity and Thousands of other imaginations are built on it.

You don’t need churches, no temples, no mosques, you only need a heart of prayer, a heart of love, a thankful heart. This is your true temple. That’s going to transform your whole life. That will assist you in discovering not only yourself, but also the depths of this vast universe.

Which God Created Our World?

Now after you have understood what is God, then what can be the correct answer of how the world, the universe was created? The answer is simple and logical. When you see a plant, a grass growing out of the land then did you ask which God sow the seeds? No, isn’t it? The grass, the plants grown on of its own. In the same way, in our universe, Everything is happening on it’s own, no one is the creator and no one is the destroyer either. Everything is it’s own creator and everything is destroyed automatically by the nature.

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What is the Source of Universe?

The source of the Universe is pure nothingness, the darkness, the emptiness, it is the Source of existence and the place where existence goes back and forth in order to renew itself. It is the same emptiness, the same nothingness buddha talked about approximately 2500 years ago and many other true Enlightened Masters have talked about it before.

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